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I work at a very small software development firm (6 people, not including the boss) where the accumulating dissatisfaction with the workplace is forcing me to start actively looking for alternative ...
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How do I not join a project without telling the reason is I will probably quit before the project will be over? [duplicate]

I'm working for a company which has started a one-year project with government aid. For this project the composition of the team and every member must be approved by the government. Because of some ...
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Giving my employer two year's notice [duplicate]

I'm currently employed as an engineer. I've been at my current job for about 4 years. I'm quite happy with the work, and with my coworkers, and with the working environment as a whole; I honestly have ...
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Is it appropriate to leave a company in the middle of small and large projects? [duplicate]

I have been at my job as a Jr. Developer for about a year an half and it is now time for me to leave and find work closer to home. I am in the middle of a smaller project, one I should have finished ...
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Changing a job in a company where people are fully dependent on me [duplicate]

In the beginning when I applied for the job - I've given an information that the only reason I'm coming to their company (which is a Software House) was because I got rejected from a dream job at the ...
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How to correctly leave your company [duplicate]

I am in a small development company. I am fine and I like the people there, but I have just been offered a job and it is really interesting. So I have decided to accept it. I was not looking for it, ...
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Should I tell my boss I want to quit soon, so someone else can take the project that I am currently introduced to? [duplicate]

After 2.5 years working at my current job (programming), I recently came to the conclusion that I want to find a new workplace. Reason for this is solely my boss who (in general has a good heart but) ...
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How to go through resigning when I'm the only developer in the company? [duplicate]

I've been with this company for 2 years now and I'm the only developer. In that 2 years I've developed 1 web application and 1 mobile app. Now I am being given new task but I'm already planning to ...
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How to get out of a situation where you are a useful bottleneck? [duplicate]

I am a data scientist in a big company (10K employees). I have to say I appreciate my job (for now) and leaving is not my preferred solution, even though it's in scope. So, in the last 2 years, I ...
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How to handle vacation handover when I cannot trust anyone in my team? [duplicate]

I have trouble taking longer periods of vacation due to the fact that many of my specialist knowledge and experiences are unique and I have not trained anyone on those skills. One of the main reasons ...
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Our team is already struggling to meet deadlines and i am planning to leave. What considerations should i take? [duplicate]

I work in a relatively small team. Upper management has basically tied our hands to tight deadlines for the next year or so meaning basically all developer resources are fully booked for the ...
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How does a Lead prepare to leave a job gracefully? [duplicate]

What are some best practice for someone in management to leave in a manner that does not leave the company with a major gap? Is the normal 2 week minimum enough for the company to normally handle the ...
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About Knowledge Transfer Issue [duplicate]

While I am leaving my current company, they have asked me to do a knowledge transfer. What should I do and what do I need to present to them?
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Potentially Leaving Company - Don't want to create additional problems [duplicate]

I work in a consultancy and recently one of my colleagues resigned. Currently, management is talking about reassigning me to this colleague’s project once he leaves. However, I am nearing a job ...
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How to turnover a utility which I manage [duplicate]

A little over two years ago (about a week after being hired into my first job), I was asked to improve a system used by our office. It was supposed to be a quick and easy thing, maybe two weeks. I ...
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Dealing with a lack of team and possible replacements [duplicate]

I work mostly alone without much direction from management. Really, I am not certain if management even knows the business process as most of the business processes/practices I created them without ...
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How to make sure important team members leaving doesn't impact knowledge transfer on a project? [duplicate]

I have recently joined a new company, and after 4 month of my joining, 2 of my team members are leaving this company. Technically, the project is not doing so good, and the team members also didn't ...
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How to deal with a coworker that writes software to give him job security instead of solving problems?

I have a coworker that primarily develops programs for internal use in the company. They design their programs in such a way that they progressively consolidate their position within the company so ...
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Am I responsible for finding my own replacement?

Background: I work at a small company where I am the currently the sole developer. I am planning to leave on a certain date in the near future, and do not wish to reveal this information to my ...
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If my employer is planning a big project around me, should I tell them I'm looking for a new job?

I've been in meetings all week with my small company's owners, planning a big project for which I am a critical resource. However, meanwhile I'm looking for a job. My company has pretty low ...
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Should I warn my boss I might take sick leave?

Due to reasons mainly unrelated to my job, I've been depressed, get suicidal thoughts, experience tiredness, lack of motivation, face difficulty in concentrating, etc. Due to these reasons, and after ...
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How to resign from company that will fail if I quit [duplicate]

I work for a startup in Ottawa, and have been with the company for just over a year now. The CEO promised me stock options, a massive completion bonus, and a month of paid vacation to offset the ...
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Leaving job close to major deadlines

I've been at my current position for 11 months, and have been working on a pretty big project that I was hired to complete. I haven't made as much progress as expected by my bosses (for some good ...
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Resigning a couple of months before an event : is it abusive resignation?

I'm currently working as a software developer for a small company (9 persons) in France. For different reasons, mostly because I feel at a dead end in this job and I don't see any ways how this could ...
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Should I stay irreplaceable in the company by keeping all skills to myself?

I sometimes hear from my managers that I should start training my responsibilities to others so I don't have too much on my plate or can be more flexible when making my holiday decisions. For some ...
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Restricting outside activities of 'key' people in a project in order to reduce risk

Is it reasonable to restrict the activities of key people in a project outside of work (e.g. non-essential personal travel) as we head towards crunch time. The intent behind this being the minimizing ...
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Messed up at work and don't know what to do

I have been working for one year on a data science project, from finding the stakeholder and the work to running A/B tests and finally to productionising the project. Part of running A/B tests ...
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My employer wants me to write a guide for doing my job

I'm on my way out of a company doing tech work for an SMB (Small or Medium-sized Business) and I happen to be the only expert on various parts of the company's operation. I gained this knowledge ...
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Is it discrimination when my boss treats me differently after finding out that I'm looking for a new job? [closed]

I've been working for a company for a few years. Recently, I decided to look for a new job and found a position which requires me to wait for around 6 months to know if I am accepted or not. For some ...
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How do I resign without burning bridges when I'm a critical staff member?

I work as an engineer at a startup technology company in the United States, and for several reasons, such as: A culture of working more than 8 hours a day. A loud "open office" environment and a ...
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