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How to correctly leave your company [duplicate]

I am in a small development company. I am fine and I like the people there, but I have just been offered a job and it is really interesting. So I have decided to accept it. I was not looking for it, ...
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Checklist for leaving an (IT) job

Edit: Thanks for the answers clarifying for which things I am not responsible, I am still looking for more detail on how to avoid inconvenience on my side as generally mentioned in one of the answers. ...
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How can I pass an unfinished project to another organization without feeling guilty?

First time posting here, so please bear with me. My team had a project from one of our OEM customers which aged for a few years. Nothing special so far, project kept growing and more and more tasks ...
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How to get out of a situation where you are a useful bottleneck? [duplicate]

I am a data scientist in a big company (10K employees). I have to say I appreciate my job (for now) and leaving is not my preferred solution, even though it's in scope. So, in the last 2 years, I ...
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How to complete the handover and manage someone who applied for your job?

I received exciting news that I was successful in gaining a management position with a company I have wanted to work for. While this is exciting, I will be managing colleagues who have been working ...
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How can I actually get people involved to reduce my bus factor without revealing my intentions to leave?

I am currently applying for new jobs, so I'm planning my exit. And since I am the subject matter expert for an entire tech product, I've been doing my best to create as much documentation as I can to ...
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How do I resign gracefully from a professional job?

This question is intended to be a canonical question, see Make that answer a canonical answer to "how to quit gracefully in a professional way" I am currently working in a full time ...
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Should I wait to leave my company after I finish a big project? What's the best way to do this?

So, I don't like my job anymore. For a few reasons. First of all, the culture fit is just not really there. Second, my job has changed very drastically from my job description after just 1 year. I'm ...
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Should I tell my boss I want to quit soon, so someone else can take the project that I am currently introduced to? [duplicate]

After 2.5 years working at my current job (programming), I recently came to the conclusion that I want to find a new workplace. Reason for this is solely my boss who (in general has a good heart but) ...
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Quitting in the middle of a project for a 3-4 month sabbatical

My employer (company B) is a consulting firm that provides subcontractors like myself to other companies in the aerospace and automotive sectors. I have been already two years in this company and have ...
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Messed up at work and don't know what to do

I have been working for one year on a data science project, from finding the stakeholder and the work to running A/B tests and finally to productionising the project. Part of running A/B tests ...
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Resigning a couple of months before an event : is it abusive resignation?

I'm currently working as a software developer for a small company (9 persons) in France. For different reasons, mostly because I feel at a dead end in this job and I don't see any ways how this could ...
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About Knowledge Transfer Issue [duplicate]

While I am leaving my current company, they have asked me to do a knowledge transfer. What should I do and what do I need to present to them?
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Replacement - What questions to ask?

I am a software development manager and I have resigned. My boss has interviewed a few candidates and shortlisted some candidates to have a chat with me. I was not in those sessions. My Boss has asked ...
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How to keep a good relationship with ex-colleagues who will have to finish work on many on-going projects?

I started a job 7 months ago and got involved on about 15 different project teams. 10 are unfinished, ongoing projects. Additionally, due in part to my prior experience, the company had a very good ...
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