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How to help an experienced developer transition from junior to senior developer

I have a subordinate developer on my team who has 15 years experience and has decent technical skills, yet requires the kind of handholding that I usually associate with junior developers. He asks for ...
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How to push back when colleagues send work to me they can do themselves?

Over the years I've acquired some Perl skills to get the data in a shape I can work with (marketing analytics). Average dataset sizes have grown over the years, and colleagues tend to say "Excel can'...
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How should one handle an unnecessary question?

A fairly common experience is that a colleague or subordinate will ask a question (in person, email, phone, etc) that would have been answered if they would have properly read all the correspondence, ...
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Getting a junior developer to be more self-reliant

I'm a developer working alongside a young junior developer. Jimmy (not his real name) is reasonably astute, but always comes to me when he experiences minor obstacles. I understand, that nobody can be ...
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A new hire is asking tons of questions which takes up a lot of my time

I am trying to create a culture where developers attempt to solve their own problems first before approaching me. Right now, it is the opposite. They come to me as a first resort. Of course, I will ...
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Untrained intern; how do I get him to do problem solving on his own?

For a while now, I've been having a bit of a problem with a fairly untrained intern, who does not have a huge amount of experience in programming. Early on, I told him he could ask for help, knowing I ...
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How to handle a coworker who constantly asks for help with her tasks?

I am working as a Software Developer for the last 10 months. I have a colleague working on the same technology framework for 6 months. She doesn't develop the logic and algorithms on her own, and ...
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How to politely suggest a co-worker needs to try to find the answer on their own before coming to me?

I am a senior-level developer in a large corporation in the US. Two of my co-workers on the same project work with me and sit in the same office, right by me. We'll call them Bob and Jim. They are ...
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Why are Software Engineers so touchy about asking questions in the workplace? [closed]

Background For context, I am a junior engineer. These people below have experienced similar issues, or know of similar issues, that are comparable to what I have noticed. A Senior Software Engineer ...
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Should I babysit a developer?

Should I babysit a developer? I spent 12 hours trying to help a guy set up his development environment, and this guy had 10 years of experience somehow. He was supposed to be at least intermediate ...
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How can I politely refuse to help colleagues?

Some colleagues from other teams often message me with some zero-effort questions. These questions are all related to the tools I'm working with, but the answers could be found in Google or by reading ...
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My colleague always ask for help. Should I help him always?

So my colleague always or at least most of the times ask for my help like he expects me to explain everything from scratch for every project. He wants to learn but doesn't quite catch up everything ...
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What is the best way to motivate your peers to "go read up about it" vs. explaining them everything at that instant?

We have many cases where colleagues with different experience levels are in a meeting and discussing potential software design(s). And another set of engineers who don't "get it" and would rather ...
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How do you learn to work in team? [duplicate]

I often think that I should know something already. Sometimes I catch myself thinking that if somebody knows how to do something then he/she could do this by himself and when I ask for everything then ...
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How to work with a coworker whose initial reaction is to ask me? [duplicate]

I'm a developer. One of my coworkers asks me a question the moment anything goes wrong, or he doesn't understand something, in either our code or even third party code we use. He's a nice enough guy, ...
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