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What to do if coworkers are holding grudges

I started to work at a new department at a university. There are only 2 very senior members, the head Lady and another Lady only. The others are kind of new like me. There are 3 members who don't work ...
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How to escape a problem created by someone (rather than a problem which is really related to work) [closed]

Jane is a hardworking girl, talented, innocent, and have good working qualities and ethics too. She is working as a temporary lecturer at a university. Peter is a permanent lecturer who is a bit ...
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General letter of recommendation for intern?

I am a senior engineer at a large well known US company, and oversaw an intern this past summer for a comp sci related internship (programming focused). He did a great job, and I was very happy with ...
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For an employer, is a candidate with a Phd in AI more desirable over a candidate that spent the same time working in the same area in the industry? [closed]

I am about to finish my masters degree in AI, and I am considering the possibility of doing a PhD. Honestly I am not very willing, I would rather stay working where I work (I work with AI research in ...
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What leads to a collaborative software development workplace?

My partner and I have worked as software engineers in academia for several years in multiple very different schools & departments. However every job has been very independent. I have a boss and ...
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Accept job offer/opportunity meeting knowing not to accept it for now?

I was contacted by the academic director of the most prestigious institute at our university (with strong contacts to world-leading corporations) and was asked for a meeting. The director wanted to ...
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What does "Principal Position" means in the CV?

I am filing an academic CV forms and there's a question asking "Employment History – principal positions since the Bachelor’s degree"? What does "Principal Position" means here? ...
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Leaving an assistant professorship for industry in late thirties

I am currently a researcher ("postdoc") at a world-class university. I have an assistant professor job offer from a business school in the New York area where I would be doing research in ...
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Developing in an academic institute [closed]

We are currently an academic institute of around 50 people. The institute does typical industry research, batteries, metals, magnets, etc. Recently, they began more and more relying on algorithmic ...
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Will taking a paycut impact my future salary negotiations and expectations?

I am a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry and trying to transition into a slightly different role that requires a skillset that I do not have. I am considering taking a postdoctoral position to ...
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Why are almost all BMW jobs in autonomous driving for students? [closed]

I am looking for a job in autonomous driving in Germany. But when I look for the relevant jobs, it looks like almost all of them are for bachelor, master or phd students. For example, on the BMW ...
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