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What can I call actions that seem to motivate employees to give gifts to a senior?

A situation like this has been happening. The most senior (say the dean of a faculty or a manager of a company) of the workplace, kind of likes to receive gifts. When there are new members, she looks ...
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Leaving an assistant professorship for industry in late thirties

I am currently a researcher ("postdoc") at a world-class university. I have an assistant professor job offer from a business school in the New York area where I would be doing research in ...
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What to do when you're told that you are both "too qualified" and "under-qualified"?

I graduated this May from a bachelors degree program at a reputable university with honors in physics and mathematics. I have four years of experience conducting research in high energy physics (...
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What leads to a collaborative software development workplace?

My partner and I have worked as software engineers in academia for several years in multiple very different schools & departments. However every job has been very independent. I have a boss and ...
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Will taking a paycut impact my future salary negotiations and expectations?

I am a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry and trying to transition into a slightly different role that requires a skillset that I do not have. I am considering taking a postdoctoral position to ...
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Internal Recruiter Non-Responsive After Interview Request, Reschedule

I’m asking this question as an academic attempting to transition into industry/non-academic work. Two weeks ago a team at a national lab reached out to me out of the blue to inform me about a position ...
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3 answers

General letter of recommendation for intern?

I am a senior engineer at a large well known US company, and oversaw an intern this past summer for a comp sci related internship (programming focused). He did a great job, and I was very happy with ...
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What does "Principal Position" means in the CV?

I am filing an academic CV forms and there's a question asking "Employment History – principal positions since the Bachelor’s degree"? What does "Principal Position" means here? ...
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Accept job offer/opportunity meeting knowing not to accept it for now?

I was contacted by the academic director of the most prestigious institute at our university (with strong contacts to world-leading corporations) and was asked for a meeting. The director wanted to ...
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Should I admit that I didn't meet a deadline due to stress from personal issues?

Last month I had a very difficult time (had to decide how our family property will be split between me and my brother and sister), and although it may sound weird, it was so stressful for me that I ...
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Why are almost all BMW jobs in autonomous driving for students? [closed]

I am looking for a job in autonomous driving in Germany. But when I look for the relevant jobs, it looks like almost all of them are for bachelor, master or phd students. For example, on the BMW ...
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Developing in an academic institute [closed]

We are currently an academic institute of around 50 people. The institute does typical industry research, batteries, metals, magnets, etc. Recently, they began more and more relying on algorithmic ...
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graduate internship as a first step in career change? [closed]

I want to change my career path from academia to industry. I have a PhD and I worked in academia for a few years now. I have theoretical knowledge about the area I want to go into but I lack practical ...
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How to figure out exactly what will be expected at a new workplace and face it [closed]

I have been working at a state university as a lecturer, actually in a senior position (on contract though) because I have a post graduate qualification as well, completed with a research component. ...
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For an employer, is a candidate with a Phd in AI more desirable over a candidate that spent the same time working in the same area in the industry? [closed]

I am about to finish my masters degree in AI, and I am considering the possibility of doing a PhD. Honestly I am not very willing, I would rather stay working where I work (I work with AI research in ...
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How to increase my prospects in the current market as a new PhD grad trying to transition into data science/ML?

I am a few months short of completing my Physics PhD. My thesis work has mostly been on mathematical/physical modeling of biological systems, combined with simulations (i.e., no use of ML). However, I ...
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What to do if coworkers are holding grudges

I started to work at a new department at a university. There are only 2 very senior members, the head Lady and another Lady only. The others are kind of new like me. There are 3 members who don't work ...
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How to face jealous and biased co-workers

The co-workers with me (we are a new department in a university and hence have only a few workers anyway) are kind of showing a jealousy attitude and trying to corner me. They even pass hints at me ...
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