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Questions tagged [accommodation]

An accommodation is an adjustment made in a system to accommodate or make fair the same system for an individual based on a proven need. Often used in the context of "reasonable accommodations" as defined as a legal concept in the USA.

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Writing a Gantt Chart as someone with severe ADHD

I am currently designing an educational video game as part of a wider research project. I've been tasked with being the only programmer, the marketer, the bug fixer, the funding manager and the grant ...
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Can I request reasonable accommodations for music? [closed]

I work as a leasing consultant for a small property management company. They’ve recently decided that all employees are no longer allowed to listen to music while they work at their desks. Previously, ...
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Requesting Full Remote Work as a Reasonable Accommodation for a Drug Side Effect [closed]

I am currently working in a hybrid model where I go to the office 2 days per week and work from home for the remaining days. I have recently been diagnosed as pre-diabetic and started taking ...
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How to ask for workplace (internship) accommodations due to autism?

I recently started with a graduation internship. Which I am quite happy about. (Finally completing my studies after a couple of failed employments, also due to the side effects of autism) When I ...
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What are reasonable dietary preferences to expect employers to accommodate?

At my work we frequently have events where lunch is provided, and that consists of finger food such as sandwiches, wraps and pastries. They are very keen on accommodating "proper" ...
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Getting Job Accommodations when I have a Sleep disorder

I am in a bit of a quandary and would really appreciate any support from anyone here who is working on salary and preferably who also has sleep disorders. I am working from home at present from Oregon....
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Company wants me to handle most financial burdens as an expat

I have been able to land a job in a company located in Belgium recently and it is worthwhile to mention, I do not reside in Europe. During my application process, I was asked to pay for my paperwork ...
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How can an employer better accommodate workers on the autism-spectrum to reduce absence from work?

Question: What are measures an employer or colleagues can take to better accommodate workers who are on the autism-spectrum? The goal of the better accommodation/changed behavior would be to improve ...
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How to support a colleague who finds meetings extremely tiring?

In our software development team we have a colleague who is both a great engineer with a sense of responsibility and a great person. She is usually very involved in discussions during our meetings, ...
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My doctor issued an open toe orthopedic shoe and my company is making me buy a closed-toe shoe

I'm under a doctor's care, wearing an orthopedic shoe. My company is making me buy a closed toe orthopedic shoe. I had toe surgery. I’m a cashier. Can they do that? Are there good resources to ...
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Discrimination - ADA reasonable accommodation [closed]

I have a position as Business Analyst. I suffer from chronic depression, which has been clearly communicated with medical certification to my manager and HR. I requested that I be allowed to work ...
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How to request accommodations for a blue uniform due to autism?

I’m soon to be volunteering at a hospital nearby my university for several months and they require volunteers to wear clothing that identifies them in the hospital and I don’t believe any of the ...
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How to approach employer to bring assist dog

As a diabetic I am thinking about getting a diabetes assist dog. I am an engineering student and will probably work 40h weeks. If I had an officially recognised assist dog, how should I approach (...
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