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How Can a Team Leader Manage an Employee With Dificulty Fitting In Our Culture?

I'm a team leader in a software development team. Recently, we've had a new team member join us who's very extroverted and tends to talk excessively during work hours and, disrupting our focus(thanks @...
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How to handle a co-worker using Microsoft Teams incorrectly

I work in a small company (10-15 employees). Approximately a year and a half ago we took on employees who work remotely and, as such, we started using Microsoft Teams. Internally we are two teams, ...
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How can I keep my office undisturbed when someone started turning off lights in my office during lunch hour?

I worked at my company for 6 years now. When I go out to lunch, I typically leave my office lights on. They remain on when I come back. Recently I came back from lunch to find my office lights turned ...
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How do I deal with recruiters who keep calling me every so often while I am happily employed?

I have been working at the same company for 6 years now. Every so often I have recruiters call me and whenever they do, it's like a broken record. The script is always the same or near the same: ...
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How to deal with a colleague who is loud and distracting through no fault of his own? [duplicate]

I have a colleague who loudly slaps his bare skin pretty much constantly and regularly makes loud, bizarre noises. I believe this is something to do with OCD, and it wasn't a problem until recently, ...
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How do I deal with a coworker that keeps changing the look of a report I'm building, without documenting the changes in a design template?

Ideally this was to be an easy project. Create a report for a website. Something like this: I am provided a template (drawn up by graphics designer) I implement/update the programming to match (...
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Is it professional to ask a coworker to turn off the chat notification sound?

I have a coworker at a job which I just started, in an open concept office, who runs Slack and maybe once every three minutes I'm treated to the ping pong sound of notifications. I'm somewhat afraid ...
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How to handle myself with a coworker who keeps requesting too frequent status updates, repeating my tasks completely and in full every day?

There is an employee I work with who is effectively my customer, where the work I do is for the benefit of his department, and he represents his department when communicating to me. He keeps checking ...
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How to handle a manager who always complains [closed]

Few months backs my project was changed and I was moved to a new team. It is a small team and I was the only person who was new to the framework we were going to work. The first month I was assigned ...
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