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Job research with pending degree validation

I am currently finishing a masters degree, but I know that my college is extremely slow for diploma validation. Between one or two months between the end of the year and the deliberation, after wich ...
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I'm the sole developer without enough experience to be

I'm the only developer at a computer repair company working on a web application for the company, which will also be sold to other companies for them to use. Which is great, except for a couple things:...
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Speculative application by mail after not receiving answers by e‑mail… Is it still relevant for small companies?

My case : I’m in the process of searching an apprenticeship in the south of the United States for my French’s (not mainland) master degree with my wage reimbursed up to the minimal French wage by my ...
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Is it reasonable to expect to wait a month before receiving a new contract of employment after salary negotiation?

I recently completed an apprenticeship for a company that I've been working at for three years now. Pretty soon after I received a contract of employment from them - however the salary was too low due ...
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How to apply to a company where the technical recruiter wanted to fire me 12 years ago?

I just graduated from my bachelor in computing and I’m looking for a 2 years apprenticeship for my Master degree. It’s been 2 months I’m searching and most colleges want a signed promise to hire in 2 ...
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Should I reconsider job offer after redundancy

I’ll try to explain my situation as briefly as possible. I’m currently an apprentice software developer but was made redundant, via phone call, in early November. It was a complete surprise to me as ...
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Should I ask for greater compensation for increased workload due to team members leaving?

I work as a level 4 software engineer apprentice in a small team for a large company. I am currently on a degree apprentice course which should last roughly 2 and a half more years. I have been with ...
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Boss is telling me I MUST stay later than contracted hours

Recently my boss' boss (We shall call them X) held a meeting with my whole department, he does this about once a month. During this meeting the clarified that our contracted hours were 9.00 until 16....
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How do you go about becoming a carpenter's apprentice? [closed]

How do you go about becoming a carpenter's apprentice? Do you have to go through a certain program, or do you find someone on a job site who is offering the position, or is there another way? Although ...
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Line-manager is denying me training as an apprentice and has started threatening & bullying me

I've been working as a graphic design apprentice for the past 10 months. Part of the requirement for me to pass is to take 20% off the job training. My line-manager initially asked me if I could work ...
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Currently finishing the last year of high school, have a group interview for a Software Development apprenticeship [closed]

I have a group interview upcoming for an apprenticeship for Software Development. I have no experience in coding but hope to get a foot in the IT industry with the apprenticeship by learning and ...
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Trainee in tears: One Trainee gets special treatment over another trainee

Both are trainees ("Auszubildende") under the German apprenticeship system, and thus covered by special rules and regulations. I am not the instructor, just someone she trusts. We work at the same ...
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Is it wise to opt out of training I'm not obliged to take? [closed]

I'm an apprentice at an engineering company and I'm due to go on a week-long residential training course in a few months time. This "training" is not technical, but rather focuses on building soft ...
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Bright Apprentice not being taken seriously

We had an apprentice join our team in late 2017, this is the first time an apprentice has been given a rotation in the Software Development Team so it's a new concept to everyone. For the purposes of ...
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