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Questions tagged [argentina]

Workplace cultures, customs, or laws in Argetina.

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Is it worth fighting for wages owed if your client was the public state? [closed]

I know it varies greatly depending on the culture of the country, but we may be able to establish an average. I was hired to program for the police. This body depends directly on the provincial ...
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Can I request HR a copy of my pre-employment medical checkup?

I've recently been interviewed for employment by an IT company in this country (Argentina). Before I could be accepted for the job, they requested a pre-employment medical checkup. Today, I received a ...
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Should I send a text message or whatsapp to my interviewer when I don't have their email?

I had an interview with the head of a department a couple of weeks ago. This interview was arranged by a recruiter. The interviewer is located in Brazil, and I am in Argentina. Because of ...
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Using work I've done in last job in a portfolio to start freelance work

Last year I worked for a company that did mobile apps. A couple of months after I started to work there I told my boss it would be a good idea to start doing web sites to sell in a bundle with the ...
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Should I include my age in my resume?

We all know that the age can be calculated, only if you include your birthday, which I think anyone should do. I am from Argentina and some people just decide to include it and others don't But I ...
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