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2 answers

How to deal with colleague after argument?

My colleague and I have been working closely on a project and always had a good working relationship. However, recently my colleague was affected by some personal problems and the personal issue ...
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12 answers

Agreeing without really agreeing

I've had many more phonecons in the past year than usual, and I'm noticing that in meetings with more than a few people, that a person will say that they agree with whomever spoke immediately before ...
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6 answers

How do you work with a flat earther?

I work at a gas station. This home schooled kid is a flat earther and talks non stop. He's generally a nice person, but his views are awful and polar to mine. I try not talking, but he continues to ...
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4 answers

Colleague who always contradicts people [closed]

How do you deal with a colleague who is always arguing on most topics just to be right and put everyone else wrong. She always says "No!, because.. {insert argument}". She always wants to be right at ...
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overwhelmed by the reaction from a colleague [closed]

I've been a lurker for a while on this website, but today i had my first "real" problem. Here's a bit of context : I've been working with this colleague of mine (lets call him bob) for over 3 years ...
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Group communication method for exchanging information while avoiding arguments?

Background There is a small team (5-7 people who are a part of a larger 15-person entity) of experienced software developers. They are all currently learning a lot of new stuff in a new technology we ...
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