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After final round, recruiter changes interview process and asks 7 days take-home asessment [closed]

As the title says. The company is a very big tech company (largest in the country) well founded unicorn. First I applied, regular HR interviews. Then I was asked to do a 3 days extenuating take-home ...
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Take home assessment asking to use my mic and camera

I applied for a job. The recruiter asked me to complete an online assessment before the interview. The assessment asks me to share my screen, microphone and video camera. It says this is to prevent ...
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IT Certification to cover basic IT skills [closed]

Which well known IT certifications will cover the following (or get close to it)? We need to extend our recruitment process with a technical assessment of the candidate, and would like to pass them on ...
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Broke the rules on pre-interview online technical assessment – will I get blacklisted?

I'm a STEM student who is going to graduate soon and wish to enter the tech/data science sector. I heard from friends that an easy way to get interview experience is to apply to companies that one is ...
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How much time should be spent on an assessment? Applied to entry level job that has 10 hour assessment

I have been making a renewed effort to find permanent work with my computer science degree. I have been doing retail work to pay rent etc. but now am focusing on finding a position that I can advance ...
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Assessment task after job offer. What does it mean?

I got a job offer, which I accepted. But few days before the offer, the employers sent me one last assessment task to do (reachable via a link), and they said it won't affect my employment process. I ...
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What will an occupational therapy assessment during sickness involve?

I fractured my ankle several months ago and have been absent from work during this time. I’ve had monthly HR welfare meetings / calls during this time. In the last call, an Occupational Therapy ...
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How to ask what will be on an interview assignment so I can narrow down what to study for?

I have an interview coming up. The first part is a video call, followed by a "30 minute assignment". I have been told to have a (for example) Python IDE ready but "no other specific ...
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Administrative Work- Ask for work, or remain working on another task?

Good Afternoon, I work as an administrative assistant recently I was tasked to do a project which I finished in a timely manner. When I finished I asked the Executive Director if she had anything else ...
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Messed up interview [closed]

Hello, Before I dive in to my question, a bit of background on myself. I'm an automotive engineer with 5 years of software development experience. I'm looking for a job as I'm going to complete my ...
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What does the employeer expect from a Data Scientist assessment test

I did my first interview and the next step is an assessment. I received a "big data set" and the task only says "We would like to know what clusters there are using the provided data ...
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Can I conduct quiz among my team to evaluate their understanding? Is this ethically correct thing to do so?

In my recent position as technical lead, I came to realize that some team member did not have a proper understanding of the whole process or what they thought was, was incorrect. We have experienced ...
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