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At-will employment is a term used in U.S. labor law for contractual relationships in which an employee can be dismissed by an employer for any reason (that is, without having to establish "just cause" for termination), and without warning. Questions using this tag should include the state/territory tag, not just the United States tag.

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What would US employees think of having a notice period? [closed]

[At first glance this might look unsuitable for SE since it is definitely an opinion-based question. However, in this case I'm not asking for opinions on the answer; I want opinions as the answer. So ...
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Can I be fired?

I overheard my boss and manager saying very rude things about another coworker and saying if they didn’t show they would be fired. Now, this person’s family member is VERY bad off and I let them know ...
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Why would my boss try forcing me out if he can just fire me (at-will state)

I'm an at-will employee. I have good reviews going back 2 years. Lately I feel a strange atmosphere boss asking co-workers questions he used to ask me using them to assign tasks to me and approve my ...
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Recommendation on resigning vs terminated

For several months I had a feeling my company wanted to get rid of me because of office politics, and for a while it has been a hostile work environment. My suspicion was confirmed when they put me on ...
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Demoted, how to handle?

In Aug. 2019, I was demoted from Administrative Assistant to Secretary (I kept my pay), I wasn't a "good fit". I've never had a bad review in 15 years, not a blemish on my record, quite the ...
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How does protected class work vs at-will employment in practice? [closed]

I'm a non-US citizen (not living in the US) wondering how the at-will employment works in practice together with the protected classes. (So my question is for pure curiosity, I don't have a concrete ...
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Is it possible to protect my employment while taking a leave of absence due to concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic?

I am a junior software developer in a governmental organization that has the ability to give its employees remote access to their workstation so they can work from home, but uses it sparingly and ...
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Company requiring me to let them review research from before I was hired

In a bit a predicament. I recently have received media requests about some upcoming research I plan to publish. According to my company's employee handbook, I have to keep them in the loop with all ...
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What alternatives exist to at-will employment?

I'm in the process of negotiating a move from a UK subsidiary to US head office, based in Pennsylvania. An element of my potential new employment that concerns me, is that it is 'at-will'. This is ...
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Can I quit in the middle of a project as a freelancer?

I'm kinda new to the job market and I'm basically only working to get some extra money as I'm currently in the last year of university. At this moment I'm freelancing for a company and I signed a ...
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X month temp to hire vs Perm

I did an interview recently which I thought was a permanent position as described by the recruiter who submitted me. When talking with the interviewer about the position, he stated it was a 3 month ...
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Which is more secure form of employment between full-time employment and contract? [closed]

I have heard some European countries do not have such a term as full-time but only a contract form of employment. Actually now I think about it, what exactly does full-time really mean anyway? Since ...
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Should I accept the first job offer I'm given, to start in nine months, if I might change my mind before graduating?

As a bit of background, I am currently still in school and will be graduating after my next semester. I am currently employed with a part time internship at Company A and have been working part time ...
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How does at will employment work in the context of a (demanding) entry-level position?

This article seems to summarize well the implications of at will employment: I am a recent graduate and the majority of ...
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Notice period in at-will state [closed]

I work in an at-will state (Texas) but my contract says I have to give 1 month notice, and the company has to give 3 months notice. Why would they offer more notice than the law demands? Presumably ...
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To what extent does "getting it in writing" matter for at-will employment agreements?

In evaluating job offers for start-ups and for firms that have different forms of compensation (equity, stock options, bonuses, etc.) it is often a thrown around phrase that you should "get it in ...
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