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How to react to request to look more interested in meeting?

Background: This is about a small-ish company of about 10 people. Our CEO/Founder/Boss is holding a biweekly meeting to update the whole company on what is going on in each department/area. During the ...
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What should you do when the IT department just copy paste emails and then assign the ticket to you?

What should you do when the IT department just copy paste emails and then assign the ticket to you? I noticed they just copy paste the email they receive and they don't make an effort to solve them by ...
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Is it common to be dismissed during the probation period?

Recently I started a new job in a publishing company and is serving a 6 month probation period. It is my first job since I graduated 6 months ago. I feel that many people are scrutinizing my work ...
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Negative feedback for coworker

I need to provide feedback for this coworker who has created multiple issues. Among them are that he: Has careless attitude. Never meets deadlines. Fails to deliver. Refuses take responsibility. ...
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Team doesn't take my code review comments seriously

I am a mid level software developer in a small software company. I have been here for the last 8 months and due to my approach with code reviews I was added to the mandatory reviewers list early on. ...
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How to fix difficulty admitting I'm wrong?

Recently a co-worker has helped me identify an issue in myself: I have difficulty admitting I'm wrong. Does anyone have experience with a similar issue and how did you solve it? I'd love any ideas, ...
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Tension with coworker

I've been working with a coworker for about 6 months now and we have always had an awkward relationship. When I first worked there, whenever I asked a question she answered with an attitude like she ...
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How to improve interview communication skill

I am a software engineer from China, and now I am working in Spain. I have been met somehow higher interview failure rate comparing to China. Many times I passed source code exam testing, and I myself ...
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How to deal with a colleague who complains all the time and patronizes me [closed]

I work for a big corporate in the software industry in the UK, so we have hierarchies and everything. About a year ago I was promoted and moved to a different team. In this new team (which I already ...
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