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Questions tagged [austria]

Questions about the workplace that may specifically relate to cultures, customs, or laws in Austria.

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Employer asks to be ready for potential weekend work

Question: Can I ask for compensation for reserving my weekend for potential weekend work? This seems to be a gray zone, since this is not a on-call duty given that I know the day before I have to work ...
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Should I tell my prospective employer that I drafted my own reference letter?

In Austria, Germany and Switzerland, your employer is obliged by law to write you (the employee) a reference letter ("Arbeitszeugnis" in German) when you leave. In some cases you can even ...
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(Update) Homeoffice privilege vs kitchen chores at work

Background: We have a break room including a kitchen at my place of employment, where most (about 25 of 30 employees) are scheduled to care for the kitchen on a daily rotating wheel. Some of my co-...
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Can someone be denied a job for not currently studying at university in Austria?

When browsing through job listings, I often come across the term "Werkstudent", as far as I could find out it simply means jobs for students. But I wonder, can I (not a student anymore) be ...
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Should I display my BSc when I have an MSc in a different field?

I have a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering and a master's in forestry (specializing in remote sensing). When applying for jobs, should I write my name as Lukas Schreiber, BSc, MSc or as Lukas ...
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Company changed working hours from what the signed agreement says

I'm currently working for a company where the core hours are 10am to 3pm. I have signed a contract in the past that says that my core hours are the ones mentioned before and that I must work 40 hours ...
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Is it helpful if the future former employer is very profitable when looking for a new job

A former, more experienced colleague, told me this after he quit because of a new job. Our smallish employer(< 50 employees, legally it is a GmbH, something like an LLC) is very chaotic and ...
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Examples & most common benefits/remuneration in kind in Austria

I wonder what are the most common packages that are usually negotiated instead of money; examples and cases based on your experience. I would focus on positions in Austria (so I would consider neither ...
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Who should pay for accidental damage to private work equipment?

Several years ago I purchased a mouse with my own money to use for work because I can't stand using a cheap mouse all day. Yesterday, a colleague accidentally spilled my own glass of water over the ...
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Sending a photo of my bank account card to the future employer

I accepted a job offer for a student support position in a major bank in Austria. As expected, they require me to send some documentation before I start working there. What surprised me is that they ...
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3 answers

Is Software Development not for me? [closed]

I started working as a Software Developer about 7 years ago. Since then I have had multiple different positions in different companies. I started in the software department of an engineering company ...
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When do you enter and leave your office? (Europe) [closed]

Upon finishing my masters degree I moved to Spain for personal reasons. I was lucky to find a job very fast, the workplace is great and coworkers too. However I noticed some cultural differences at ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Home office in Austria working for a German company [closed]

If I were to reside full time in Austria but work 100% (full time not contract) how do I resolve the potential double taxation problems, specifically social insurance and income tax. I'm a UK citizen. ...
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Bad collegiate career - explain details to employer?

Background I am from Austria and currently pursuing my master's degree in mechanical engineering. I will finish in about a year, then two years overdue (for people who pay fortunes for education this ...
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Mobbing (bullying) between production operators [closed]

Firstly, this is a special, not a general question about mobbing (bullying). My mother was without a workplace for a long time, now after two years doing nothing she finally found a place to work at a ...
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Boss delays decision that will decide what I will do the next year of my life

UPDATE 2: As expected, after approximately a month he did not grant it to me -saying he'd fear others doing the same. In my opinion that hints at a whole lot of other problems, but oh well. UPDATE 1: ...
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How should I deal with bullying while looking for a new job?

I'm working as a (female) IT technician in a worldwide company (located in Central Europe, Austria). I've been here 1.5 years. I'm turning 21 this month, so it's my first job. The basic work is okay, ...
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Keep getting rejected by interviewers [closed]

I'm currently living/working in Austria, and I'm Egyptian, and that's for two years. I got about 7 interviews in the last two years, face to face, and I got rejected. They never say a reason, even ...
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How can I improve communication with my superiors?

I'm Egyptian and currently working in Austria under a work permit which is restricted for 4 months, the length of the contract. If they are happy with me, my employers will prolong it. I started 2 ...
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