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Questions tagged [autism-spectrum]

The autism spectrum describes a range of neuro-developmental disorders, including Asperger syndrome, that are characterized by difficulty in social communication and interaction as well as repetitive patterns of behavior, interests or activities. The Workplace community focuses on question that deal with navigating the workplace. Questions related to this spectrum are not automatically off-topic, but some may be better asked of trained care givers.

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Should I come out as a neurodivergent? [closed]

after two of my children came with a combination of neurodivergent traits and were diagnosed with a range of stuff like ADHD, autism, and Tourette. I decided on my own to undergo a psychiatric ...
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How to deal with a possibly autistic colleague that seems to be fixated on me

At the moment I (F) have a colleague (M) that works now for 5 months at my workplace. At the beginning naturally like everyone else you don't know someone yet and need time to get to know one another. ...
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Can an autistic person with difficulty making eye contact survive in the workplace? [closed]

I suffer from mild-moderate autism. Due to late intervention, it will never be totally controlled. So, I was wondering if I can handle the workplace environment? Should I even try for on-site ...
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4 answers

Interview process with aspergers

I have Asperger's and have major issues passing job interviews. In the past I have had a large number of job interviews (haven't kept count but probably somewhere between 60 and 100) and failed all ...
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6 answers

How to ask for workplace (internship) accommodations due to autism?

I recently started with a graduation internship. Which I am quite happy about. (Finally completing my studies after a couple of failed employments, also due to the side effects of autism) When I ...
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How to help revive my career after 3 years of being unemployed (autism playing a big part)

My question is as the title says, how can I help revive/restart my career after having been unemployed for longer than I have been employed? Here's the situation. I have a bachelor's degree in ...
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10 votes
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Should I declare that I have autism? Will that get me fired?

I work in the Netherlands as an expat, so my resident permit is related to my work. I was described by a psychologist to have autism. Should I declare that to my employer? I'm afraid that might get me ...
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How a person with Asperger's syndrome should advertise themselves?

Recently I've been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome and it made me feel that I'm better in some specific things than other people. The point is that the ways to advertise myself which come to my ...
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69 votes
12 answers

How can an employer better accommodate workers on the autism-spectrum to reduce absence from work?

Question: What are measures an employer or colleagues can take to better accommodate workers who are on the autism-spectrum? The goal of the better accommodation/changed behavior would be to improve ...
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Responding to social invitations with autism

So I have been told that there will be a Christmas Party happening at my work. I have autism I really do not like this sort of thing. This is my first ever job and I am really enjoying it. I have ...
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4 answers

How do I effectively conduct interviews for adults with special needs?

Recently when the company I work for released an advertisement for a software engineer, we had an applicant indicate that he was on the spectrum (autism) and would require a safe space for ...
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12 answers

Problematic employee that can't be fired

I've recently been placed in charge of a software engineer who is considered a "problem" employee for a couple of reasons. The employee is not a capable people person. I believe he has a minor case of ...
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15 votes
4 answers

Determining why an employee who is very quiet seems to be unhappy

I manage a team of software developers. I have an employee who is unusually antisocial. It's not just that he's quiet, he won't even nod to you if you pass him in the hall. On the other hand, he is ...
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Coworker told me I'm distracting, what steps can I take to be less distracted and be less distracting to my collegues?

A bit of a different take on the: "My colleague is distracting, how can I resolve this?" Maybe a bit of background. I myself am a young developer, autistic and am working my first full time job. In ...
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How to deal with colleague's extreme inflexibility and communication issues [closed]

I'm managing a colleague who is on the Autism spectrum. I find it quite challenging. For example, he's really inflexible. We have some regular tasks we perform, which aren't very important in the ...
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12 votes
3 answers

Can my employer require me to refrain from wearing headphones (disability issue)

I work at a grocery store, which can be exhausting because I am on the autism spectrum, and after an incredibly busy shift, which is almost every day I work. I get sensory overload and I find that ...
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Self concious about tics, how to inquire without coming across insecure?

I just started here a week ago and am not that much of a talker. My first week hasn't concisted of much work, but mainly studying up. I have a lot of tics (tourettes) and the combination of thinking ...
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How do I deal with an autistic employee who criticizes teammates publicly and doesn't understand the harm in doing so?

I have a very autistic person in my team who quite often criticizes his teammates in public emails, causing lots of complaints. We are in a Nordic country and it is not very common to fire people ...
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How to request accommodations for a blue uniform due to autism?

I’m soon to be volunteering at a hospital nearby my university for several months and they require volunteers to wear clothing that identifies them in the hospital and I don’t believe any of the ...
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When and how to mention my Asperger's syndrome during interview process? [duplicate]

I was recently diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome (AS), a form of autism. My AS is fairly mild. I am employed (software developer), but I am looking for a new job at the moment. For various reasons, ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Requesting details leading to termination [closed]

I was recently terminated from my job due to "concerns raised about your behavior and comments by various people who work with you". I think the problems which raised these concerns are somewhat ...
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23 votes
7 answers

Dealing with being horrible at interviews

I have ASD and can be very quirky (to say the least) in social interactions (even trying my best). For instance, I have been told by many people that my face looks like I don't care at all, that I ...
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Should I mention that I'm autistic in an interview? [duplicate]

I've been having horrible luck with job interviews. I have been to many - my resume is great - but just never get the job. Recently I spoke with a doctor and he put me on the autism spectrum. It's ...
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27 votes
7 answers

How can I limit or avoid social faux pas when I have a disability that makes it hard

I have Asperger's syndrome which makes it difficult for me to navigate the social aspects of the workplace, and I understand that other conditions such as depression, anxiety, et cetera can also cause ...
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2 answers

Poor performance on my previous job affects my mood and motivation at my current job

In my previous job (lasted about 19 months), I struggled with the lack of project management and testing, to the point that my performance and code quality suffered immensely. In my current job (4 ...
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How do I effectively communicate with a co-worker who has Aspergers? [duplicate]

I strongly suspect that one of my co-workers has Aspergers. We are both programmers and he doesn't have any issues performing the technical requirements of the job, but I'm finding it extremely ...
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Likely consequences of disclosing you have Asperger's Syndrome - given you have a 2.5 years gap in your resume? [closed]

Background A few years ago I (was forced to) left grad school (halfway into it) because of complications related to a set of anxiety disorders (a typical comorbidity in Autism Spectrum Disorders; I ...
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55 votes
11 answers

My voice gave the wrong impression in interviews (due to disability); how should I handle future interviews?

I was recently rejected from a job after several phone interviews, which is nothing new considering I'm a recent graduate, but I had received nothing but enthusiasm and positive feedback during the ...
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Should I tell future employers I have Asperger's after getting a job [duplicate]

So I've found that my Asperger's can be somewhat of a defining part of my interactions at work- whether people recognise it or not. I have many problems interacting that anyone with a basic knowledge ...
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36 votes
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What are the pros and cons of disclosing a spectrum disorder when applying for a job?

Should one reveal having an Autism Spectrum Disorder when applying for an IT job? From the one side this information could help getting the job. Asperger Syndrome is related with high intelligence ...
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