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Software developer flow - Code review and inadequate manager [closed]

I work in this small team where my "manager" has been the solo backend developer for 4 years. The person before me left after 9 months. When I joined the team I immediately noticed that the ...
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Where to start to work as a back-end developer?

I tell you my current situation, since I am somewhat lost right now: I have been working as a full-stack developer for the last 4 years, using PHP and Prestashop as main technologies and Laravel in ...
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1 answer

Projects on resume

can I add projects that are not related to my specialization(backend web developer) to my resume. Ex: Algorithm Visualization, Chess Solver.
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5 answers

How to ensure my career trajectory to a senior position?

I'm currently a backend engineer at a start-up company. This is my first backend job and I have been working there for over a year. Since joining the company, I have inquired about the career path as ...
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Advise Regarding Backend Development

I know this question is novice but I really want help here. I have been covering Databases and learning MySQL, MongoDB and learnt HTML, CSS and Javascript. Did some basic projects with NodeJS and ...
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As a front end developer, what am I supposed to do if the APIs keep crashing?

As a front end developer, I feel frustrated every time the back end crashes, stops responding to the APIs or makes the front end crash when an API doesn't honor its contract because of missing data. ...