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Questions tagged [bathroom]

Questions regarding the use of bathrooms and restrooms, as part of the infrastructure of most offices and buildings, shared by coworkers and other people.

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How do I handle/confront an employee who is cheating in an Office competition?

I was recently promoted to a middle management position at my office where I have about a half floor of employees working under me. As part of a company health initiative, I decided to co-host a month-...
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Despite written warning, employees stealing toilet paper from the office

Our office opened back up about 3 weeks ago. With this COVID craziness, the stores around the office have been experiencing another shortage of toilet paper. Although toilet paper is available online ...
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Supervisors complaining to me about disappearing (On bathroom break)

I work in a manufacturing company where I am required to basically monitor machinery and process paperwork (not giving too much detail to keep anonymous). It is generally expected people be on the ...
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How to ask coworkers to stop urinating on toilet seat [duplicate]

This is such an awkward question but the problem is really bothering me. I am the only female in my department - as a result, we have the single stall bathrooms and so therefore, by California law, ...
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Physically unpleasant work environment

I recently started a new job and I am happy with my work tasks, manager and coworker relationships, etc. However, the restroom situation is untenable. My desk very near the restrooms, of which there ...
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Being denied bathroom at work because I'm the only male

I am on light duty at my employer's office. Light duty is when you have a worker who is recovering from something and they are not physically able/allowed to do their normal work, so they are ...
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Coworker's extended bathroom use [closed]

I work at a smallish (30 something person) company based in NYC. The office consists of 2 floors, with most of the engineers on the first floor and the executive staff on the second. Due to the ...
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How to address a transgender coworker and accomodate their toilet needs?

I work with a group of developers in a company having about 1000 employees. A transgender person who identifies herself as a woman has joined our team. She gets upset when we use masculine pronouns ...
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How to suggest the idea of unisex bathrooms to my company?

At my company, my company works across a number of floors. The bathrooms on my floor are private and only support one person at a time. The thing is, about 90% of the individuals working on this ...
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What to do about the "tall man" using the bathroom able to look over the stalls? [closed]

My company (around 250 employees) has a very tall man working here. I'm not sure of his exact height, but he's a head above the 6 foot high bathroom stalls. I felt very, very uncomfortable today ...
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I was caught taking a nap in the lactation room at work. How do I repair my reputation after this? [closed]

I work in a large organization in the US. Because of financial issues we only have one car in my household and so my spouse (who has to be at work by 6am) have to carpool to work. For this reason my ...
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Male colleagues using female bathroom while specifically asked not to

I am a 24 years old female. I started working as a developer in a small-medium software company a little while back. The CEO was very exited to get me on board, as I would be their first female ...
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How can I find out the Local Requirements for Restroom facilities in an office?

Given there is so many people that can be in a work space is there a minimum amount of bathroom the same space has to have? Who would oversee such rules and make sure that the rule is enforced? How ...
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Coworker likes to talk in the men's room [closed]

So when I walk into the Men's room at work I sometimes run into this guy. Whenever he steps up to the urinal, he without fail vocalizes the process. The repertoire typically includes: different ...
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How to ask a male boss for a sanitary bin in the women's bathroom?

I've recently started working in a small business (10-15 employees), and noticed that the women's bathroom lacks a sanitary bin. Since the team is mostly male, and the only two other female employees ...
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Coworker continously forgets to lock the bathroom stall door

When visiting the restroom, I've walked in on the same coworker sitting on the toilet three times now, from where he simply neglects to adequately lock the stall door. I definitely don't want to keep ...
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Problems with bathrooms left disgusting and messy by coworkers [closed]

I work at a large Fortune 500 Company in a very tall building. Each floor has about 200 or so people. Recently the men's restroom has been a disaster, it is frequently trashed with garbage everywhere ...
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Should I punch in when I arrive at work? Or should I wait until I start working? [closed]

At my job we have an electronic sign-in clock to record when we arrive at work. I always make sure that I'm arrived at work on-time for punch in. Sometimes if I arrive a few minutes early, I'll stop ...
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How can we handle some employees making a mess in the bathroom?

We have 1 men's toilet + 1 urinal at work for about 15-20 men and 1 women's toilet for 3-4 women. The problem we have is that some of the employees don't check if everything has been flushed properly ...
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