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How should I answer "Tell me about a time you had a conflict at work" if I've never had conflicts?

In the past year I had interviews with a couple of US-based IT companies for a technical role at their European offices. The interviews were eerily similar: phone from HR, coding interviews over video ...
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Best way to answer interview question about "getting stuck"?

I recently had an interview for a senior software developer position. One question was along the lines of, "if you're working on something and you get stuck, what do you do?" I've been asked ...
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How to improve interview communication skill

I am a software engineer from China, and now I am working in Spain. I have been met somehow higher interview failure rate comparing to China. Many times I passed source code exam testing, and I myself ...
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What is interviewer looking for when asking about past technical projects?

I have been asked interview questions like these: "Tell me a technical project which was most challenging?" or "Tell me a technical project where you learned most?" or "Tell ...
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Behavioral interview, How to handle "We" vs "I"?

I'm trying to get some insight into, how may I put this... deprogramming myself with respect to using "I" instead of "We" when doing a behavioral interview. I believe this was ...
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Becoming a strong decision maker

Consider the following list (from here) of "top 10" manager behaviors: The 10 Oxygen behaviors of Google's best managers Is a good coach Empowers team and does not micromanage Creates an ...
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No Offer Letter after Verbal Offer 3 weeks back [closed]

I did 7 rounds of interviews for a position in one of the big IT Organizations. After the 7th round, I received a call (20th January) from HR that I have been selected and further negotiated my salary ...
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What to answer when asked to rate team members?

If we're asked to rate each of our team member in a group activity interview, what is the ideal response expected? Will they want something like "equal rating to all members because I value each of ...
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Will IBM's asshole test work? [closed]

When I read this article about IBM's asshole test, I doubt that will work. This is an asshole test. You see who turns into an asshole under pressure and they don't make it to the next round". ...
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