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Questions tagged [birthday]

Questions involving the recognition or celebration of birthdays in the workplace.

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4 answers

Can someone be fired for giving a coworker a birthday card inside the workplace that is funny, but is also a bit sexist?

I work in an automobile factory in the United States and the vast majority (approximately 90%) of the employees in my department there are male. There is a coworker's birthday coming up next week in ...
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Getting wished "happy birthday" when I don't want to

I don't celebrate my birthday - I don't need to be reminded how I'm one year closer to dying / osteoporosis / arthritis and a ton of other age-related issues. However, many (most?) people assume that ...
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How to professionaly react when you forgot a colleague's birthday?

It is the birthday of one of my colleagues and I learned about it at almost the end of the day via LinkedIn. As the colleague is in my working team, he must be aware that I forgot. What is the ...
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Should I send a birthday wish to an employer if I'm not yet hired

I'm currently waiting for a final interview with an employer. But today is his birthday that I knew about from his Skype profile. I wonder if I should send him my birthday wishes or is going to look ...
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Birthday celebration in bad environment [closed]

In my job, people are used to bring sweets on their birthday. But they are really bad mannered and distant to me and never invite me. This Sunday it was my birthday and I just passed to bring anything....
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How to request colleagues not to celebrate your birthday

Many organizations and teams try to organize something for a person's birthday as a sign of showing care and interest in their employees. If there is a particular reason that a person doesn't want ...
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