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Questions relating to the use age of ones blog in respect to interviews and job hunting

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When, if ever, does it make sense for a software developer to have a blog only for the purpose of getting jobs?

Some people recommend that software developers write tech blogs for multiple reasons, including the following claims: You will learn things doing that you wouldn't learn otherwise. Your overall ...
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How throughly should a hiring manager read a software dev candidate's blog?

Some candidates for software developer positions have technology related blogs. This is a potential source of relevant information about those candidates. How should a hiring manager go about ...
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Would a software developer candidate's tech blog be looked at during the hiring process? [closed]

This podcast episode, (with a transcript) is about learning in public, in the context of software development, where having a tech blog is one example of that. The episode contains the following ...
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How do companies with blogs make writing happen?

Our tech company would love to keep a corporate blog about all the interesting things we do. We think that, done right, it could help us reach and recruit valuable development talent; impress ...
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Posting article on LinkedIn vs. on company blog [closed]

Writing has always been an under-developed hobby of mine, and I recently got interested in writing articles related to the type of work I do (ie. software industry, so that means Technical how-to ...
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Have a it evaluated by HR recruiters? [duplicate]

Based upon your experience is it evaluated if a candidate for a job position have a blog? I mean...if I am looking for a "SQL programmer" (for example) should I give more point to the one who has a ...
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Can my employer delete my work emails? [closed]

I was put on unpaid 2 week leave with no prior problems in my work after I changed a name on a blog page temporarily without permission. I changed the name just to see if the name was taken by someone ...
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Would a personal RPG blog be off-putting to most hiring managers?

In my spare time I write a RPG (roleplaying game) blog - stuff like D&D, White Wolf, BESM, etc. Nothing I write is controversial or adult in the least. I've gotten paid for my articles in this ...
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Can I claim my anonymous blog on my resume?

I am considering starting an anonymous technical blog. I do not want to use my real name or picture online. If I have such a blog, can I still claim it on my resume when I apply for a job? If yes, ...
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Sharing Personal External Publications With Coworkers [closed]

I am new to my current company, but have 20 years with other companies. I am considering presenting some topics to my co-workers, but I think I'd like to share the same concepts with the rest of the ...
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Employer asked me to remove work-related content on my personal blog. How to respond?

I wrote a blog post on my personal blog discussing my life and how I joined this company and the things we are working on. However, I quoted (and linked to) a tweet by a competitor of ours. I felt ...
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Should I start a blog to help build my online "resume"? [duplicate]

There seems to be a general consensus that putting blog links or public profiles like LinkedIn or StackOverflow on your resume is considered a good thing to do if the contents of your blog or profile ...
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2 votes
1 answer

automatically publishing blog to LinkedIn

Is it considered professional to publish new blog entries to LinkedIn? The content of the blog is technical in nature and relevant to my field. It is not questionable nor objectionable. Typical ...
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How much do interviewers look into your websites/blogs? [duplicate]

I have a website that establishes my creditals, passion, and attempts to create a conversation about the previous projects that I've worked on. From my personal experience I've never had an ...
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Ethical concerns when discussing technical issues related to my work, on my personal blog

When I fix issues, some of them are company specific so I try to document them internally. Others are broad and can be applicable to any one. I try to document them in my own blog. I am wondering if ...