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Great work life balance, boring work [closed]

For the past 7 years I've been part of a company that provides great work life balance & pretty good compensation. When I joined there was a lot of interesting work to do & it was perfect. Now,...
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Bored at work - what's next? [duplicate]

I feel like no one's engaging me at work to do anything useful. I'm not sure if it's just the time of year or the amount of work at the company as a whole. But this has been going on for a couple ...
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I feel I’m not growing as a professional in my current job [closed]

Since a month and a half, I started getting bored at my job (I'm a mid level SQL Developer): there's not tasks related to my job, and I don't see any projects coming (at least, my manager haven't told ...
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12 votes
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Job is not exactly what I expected, I'm bored [closed]

I'm a young fresh graduated software engineer, I have started at my first position 5 months ago (once I graduated as a Software Development Engineer, basically a Java EE developer). I am getting more ...
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10 votes
3 answers

Software Engineer out of college with no work to do!

I graduated in May and just started my first full-time software engineering position at a smaller (relatively speaking) branch of a large defense contractor. My first day of work was June 10. However,...
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8 votes
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As an intern with ADHD, how to be able to focus on badly engaging tasks?

I am what in english could be more closely described as a paid intern. I am happy with my position so far, a month in, it isn't perfect, but I don't need it to be. In my software developer internship,...
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What to say during an interview

Currently, I have been working for my employer for 2 yrs, with a full time 40 hrs a week schedule - but I am only actually doing 3 hours a week of work. This is a family construction business, and I ...
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What to do if there is no work but there is 4 months left on my contract? [duplicate]

I was hired as a software engineer contractor to solve a particular problem in a big tech company. I feel like I've solved it, because there is less and less work coming my way, but there is still 4 ...
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How to gain motivation to do "boring" work?

I am an intern at an auditing firm. Completing this internship is mandatory to become a qualified chartered accountant. I like this profession, but sometimes I have to do boring jobs for which I have ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Bored at work despite recognition from management - What to do?

Context I am a Software Engineer and I work in a large software firm. It is my first job, but I had multiple open source projects before and I have a solid experience in software engineering. My ...
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How can I tell management I'm bored with my current projects?

I'd like to ask how should I handle the following issue. I've been working at a company for about 10 months so far. I was initially hired as a mid-level c# web developer. All the questions during the ...
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Coworker has nothing to do but doesn't want to upset her boss by telling her boss's boss [closed]

I have a co-worker in my team (let's call him John) who is supposed to be working with a woman from another company. She's on a fixed duration contract. It's bit like outsourcing because her ...
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Keep yourself motivated to work [closed]

I have 4 years experience as a developer. I recently had my appraisal meeting. My manager mentioned that I performed below my performance. He told me I am lazy, and I tend to miss all the use cases ...
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17 votes
7 answers

Is this a bad job or a normal experience for programmers?

I started working at a company as a Junior Java Developer 5 months ago. I work on a big project, but still there are development tasks (the senior devs are doing them). I expected to get at least some ...
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I have no practical tasks as a new developer , is this to be expected? [closed]

I was newly hired as a developer. The process took around 1 month and after signing the contract I was asked to report to work 2 weeks later. For several weeks now I'm only reading documentation (...
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1 answer

Bored during low workload phase [duplicate]

I work as an IT consultant at a large company in a open space office. I am the only developer here who is responsible for a product which has a small part in a larger environment. We soon have a ...
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Career Advice for someone returning to work mid-life [closed]

I was a software developer 1988-1999, then a stay-at-home mom until 2010. I tried teaching for a few years, but was wholly unsuited to that career. In 2014, I got an admin job at a small tech ...
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Started a new job, getting bored regularly [closed]

I have recently started a new job two months ago after a bout of major depression which I took 8 months off work with minimal sick pay in my previous role before resigning. Rushed into this new job ...
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Explaining that I'm leaving because I'm bored -- or do I need to?

I'm bored at my job. I haven't learned a thing in the year that I've been there and I'm rebuffed whenever I request to be able work on a task that I would find more interesting (after having my daily ...
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13 votes
5 answers

How do you say you are bored and need work to do?

I started working in my current job as a contractor last week and was given an assignment which I completed at the end of the first week. My 2nd week is now into its 2nd day without any ...
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Should I ask for work from my team leader when the project is almost complete? [duplicate]

I have been working on a project for 4 months and the project is almost complete. Now I have no work from my team leader and I am spending this time to learn something new in my technology. But I am ...
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