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For questions regarding quitting a job, turning down an offer, etc. where the employer may be offended and the OP would like to better understand the impact of the decision on their future career.

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What should I do if I am strongly burned out at work, but resigning now would cause problems for my coworkers and burn bridges?

I am mostly able to do my tasks for now, but my performance has suffered significantly and I really want to leave, even if it means having no job for a while. I fear I might freeze up eventually and ...
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How should I leave post-covid

I'm software engineer in one of the south east Asian countries, and my company follows government instruction to let employees 100% work back from office post covid. Immediately one of my teammates ...
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As a consultant, how to handle being asked to do a knowledge transfer so that the client can hire me and fire the consulting company?

I am currently a consultant at MyConsultancy, working for a client ClientCompany in a small team consisting of people from MyConsultancy. Recently I received a job offer from ClientCompany which I am ...
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How long would be reasonable to notify my company of my resignation in advance, without mandatory notice period?

I joined my current company last year. When I signed my contract, they explained to me that I would be on a year-long trial period, during which there is no notice required for any party to terminate ...
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How to not burn bridges while giving notice

I am going to give notice after my parental leave ends. I am on parental leave and got a good job offer . I cannot tell my manager immediately because I am stuck in India for visa stamping. Once back ...
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Avoid Burning bridges with a long time employer who I just rejoined

I worked for company A for 4 years and quit due to no technical growth and moved to B, It was good and worked there for 10 months. It is in Asia. Then my old boss called few times to join saying I ...
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How does it look to ask for a transfer to a new site?

My family lives in an expensive area that has lost its luster for us in the past several years. We want to move. The group I work for has employees at other sites and some who work remotely. I am ...
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Employer burned me; Should I hint that I'm leaving so people aren't laid-off needlessly?

About 18 months back I made a case to my employer that I should be promoted to a higher level of engineer, "principal engineer", as I was already doing the work of one for about 6 months ...
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Declining [potential] internship extension offer? [duplicate]

I started a 4-month internship in January and wanted some opinions on declining an extension. Back in November when I interviewed, my manager mentioned that they were wanting to hire for 8-months, ...
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I'm a C-Level executive at a startup that manages a team. I'm going through a rough patch of depression

So here's my question. I'm a C-Level executive at a startup that manages a team. I'm going through a rough patch of depression. I've also previously informed the CEO that I was leaving (months ago) ...
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Side project turning into job in free time

I am a student and have worked in a 3-person team on a project for some time now. In this team, I have all IT roles (but mostly programming), and am currently having a conflict with a person who has ...
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How to get the attention of the corporate heads in my previous employer?

I resigned as a Software Engineer from my previous employer and my last day in the office was July 22, and supposedly I should be receiving my certificate of employment and last payment after 3-4 ...
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How to force disgruntled worker not to publicly disclose "GPLed code"

I'm currently the only HR worker at a medium sized engineering firm in Canada. There should normally be 2 additionally HR workers on-staff more senior than me, but one is on parental leave and the ...
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How can I challenge ex-manager claiming undue credit without burning bridges?

A few weeks ago my manager from a previous company contacted me asking if he could include research I completed while working there in a conference paper he was writing. He said the paper would be an ...
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How can I make a company I co-founded a better place to be or cleanly move onto something else?

I co-founded a company a couple years ago, and am in charge of the development aspects of the company. I am an executive (CTO) and am on the board of directors. I also own 20% of the company (the ...
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I've accepted a new job and handed in my notice. My employer wants me to work a longer notice, what should I do?

I've accepted a new job and given my required month's notice to my current employer, both are startups. My employer asked me if I could stay a little longer, as they're going through an investment ...
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Should I attend an expensive employer-paid training if I plan to quit soon?

I have been in my current position for nearly three years. I have found my skill set to be insufficient for my tasks, though this has significantly improved over time. My manager tried to integrate me ...
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Exit interview due to Nonregularization because of overly negative feedback from a colleague [duplicate]

We don't have a real trainer at work. A colleague who was hired 3 months earlier than I was assigned to train me. She was irritated with me asking questions, simple or clarification & questions I ...
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I was caught taking a nap in the lactation room at work. How do I repair my reputation after this? [closed]

I work in a large organization in the US. Because of financial issues we only have one car in my household and so my spouse (who has to be at work by 6am) have to carpool to work. For this reason my ...
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Quit Job without burning bridges. Dislike company, like owner

My current job, started around one year and a half ago, seemed at first a nice fit on the positive streak that started when I managed to sell my startup 3 years ago. It is not, organization is ...
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How to quit 1 of your 2 jobs, when your boss is your boss at both?

I'm in a tricky situation and could use some advice on what to do. I'll try to be as detailed as possible without giving out identifying information. I have 2 jobs, one retail position and one ...
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7 votes
4 answers

I'm handing in my resignation tomorrow- I'm worried I will get backlash from the owner

When I first started in the company I was specifically told by my boss who is the owner that they wanted someone long term and who wasn't going to jump ship. I nodded and said I understand that but ...
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Taking a new job with the knowledge that I may have to quit soon after...Will I burn bridges?

I'm working on getting a new job. However, there's a possibility that I might be leaving the country in 7 months to get my masters degree so if I were to start the new job, at say the beginning of ...
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Can I quit a part time fast food job with a toxic environment without notice and forget I ever did it?

I am currently studying in university full time while working at a fast food joint part time on the weekends. I really dislike the toxic environment in this place and am leaning strongly towards ...
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