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Can I print business cards with the same information as in Outlook vcf file? [closed]

I work at a US based Investment Bank and I want business card for myself with employer info (such as name, logo, address of office, my designation and department primarily). However, the bank does not ...
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Using first initial, nickname on business card [closed]

I am known professionally by a shortened version of one of my middle names (I have 3). Most people don't even know my first name, which I only use as legally necessary. I was thinking of including ...
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What is the proper business address format when office is in located in another unrelated business?

I rent office space inside another company. Is there a proper/formal format for writing out my address on business correspondence? Just an example... Would that be the way to do it? Thanks for any ...
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Should I list notable clients on the back of my business card as a freelancer?

I'm redesigning my business cards, and since my last design, I've spearheaded a few projects for some high profile clients (in their respective regions). Is it a good idea to add their logo to the ...
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Employer wants to add my LinkedIn URL to my Business Card. Should I object? [closed]

I'm a professional developer for a consulting company. I don't go onsite with clients often, but it does happen (so I don't use business cards often, but I have them). My employer is in the process ...
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Putting StackOverflow or LinkedIn URLs in Resume/CV

I observed that many recruitment agents are stripping Stackoverflow, LinkedIn information and other contact information from candidates' CVs to prevent employers from directly contacting the ...
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Student business card

I'm currently on a first year of my Masters (computer science). Currently working as a student in a global software company (not sure if I'm allowed to name it). Regardless of that, I'm actively ...
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What conventions are there for business cards to note additional languages spoken?

I speak a second language and would like to convey this on my business cards. What conventions are there for noting additional languages spoken on business cards?
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What is an appropriate job designation for a lead developer in a startup company? [duplicate]

I would like to know what an appropriate job designation is for somebody working in a startup company and supervising software development there. Let's suppose the key responsibilites of this person ...
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Should I hand over my current business card in a job interview?

Is it a good idea to bring your current companies business card to a new job interview?
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Professional designations and degrees on business cards and e-mail signatures [duplicate]

I'm going to be creating some simple business cards for myself going forward, and would like some advice on the addition of my degrees and professional designations to the card. So far, the planned ...
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Is there a use for a technical person to have a business card?

Quick clarification here as I understand business cards' use for networking and freelancing and such - basically on the 'sales' end of things (whether selling products or yourself). But is there a ...
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Is it a good idea to put a photo on your business card?

Nowadays we have our pictures everywhere: in the email client, on the company website, in phone contacts, on Linkedin, etc. Would it therefore be in good taste to put a professional photo of yourself ...
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Do I need a vCard in the business environment? [closed]

I'm about a year away from graduating from university and am considering entering into the business sector, possibly attempting a startup or maybe freelancing as a writer, I don't know yet exactly. ...
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Should I have my own business card if my company has no policy of giving them to employees?

Say a company has no company policy for giving its employees business cards, is it acceptable for employees to make their own without telling his company/boss? And if one wants to only use said cards ...
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Can/should I use a personal business card on which I may or may not put my current employer?

I've recently started attended seminars and events for my career. The problem is, I don't have a business card to give or to show every time someone asks for it, because my company doesn't issue ...
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Should I put my Degree or the general Field on my business card?

I'm just graduating with my Masters in Information Systems and starting my big job hunt and am unsure whether or not I should put "M.S. Information Systems" or just put "Information Systems" on my ...
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Adding a QR Code onto a Resume

I have recently seen people adding QR Codes to their Resumes or business cards that would lead various things such as career accomplishments, online portfolio or profiles on professional sites like ...
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What are my best options for business cards as an author? [closed]

One boss strongly recommended embossed cards; what I have been doing is attaching Vistaprint cards to MagnaCard magnet backings, both of which options seem to get attention. I've seen one design ...
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When is it appropriate to request business cards for a professional conference?

Is it appropriate for a junior employee to request business cards prior to attending a conference? Is there some "industry standard" level or title that justifies business cards?
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Is there a canonical reference for business cards?

I'm getting fairly close to graduation and thinking that I might make some business cards for when I go to internship fairs and the like. Is there a canonical reference for their design and content?
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