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Acronym for "Bring Your Own Device". Use this tag for questions about supplying your own electronic devices (phone, laptop, tablet, etc) for regular job duties.

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Are there consequences to refusing to sign an agreement?

I work as a public school teacher, but produce educational materials as a side gig. Note this side gig provides a mutual benefit to the school: I provide these materials for free within my school. The ...
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I was promised a work PC, but I am still awaiting approval 3 months later so am using my own laptop - is it fair to ask employer for laptop insurance?

I develop websites and run the online magazine for my company (just got hired three months ago), so I run not only development software and tech applications, but also Adobe software and other design ...
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Reimbursement for damages to personal laptop while using it for work?

Unfortunately my personal MacBook's screen broke at work (fell off the table by accident). Now, I have been at this company (a startup) for 18 months and at the time my boss was keen on me using my ...
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Agreement between employee and employer for use of personal equipment

I'm going to start a position where I have voluntarily offered to use my personal equipment to perform my duties for the company with the understanding that if any damage would occur to my equipment ...
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How to estimate a fair compensation for BYOD laptop?

I'm in a company that let me choose between a corporate, or a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) laptop. The laptop is my main work tool (web development). I am keen on using my own laptop, however, I ...
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Member of the board asks for admin access and wants non-compliant device on the network

I'm one of the many network operators at a corporation. One of the board members asks every time — when in her opinion changes are too slow — for admin access (credentials) so she can do it herself. ...
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Should I use my mac or get a company new pc? [closed]

I'm a software engineer and about to start a new job as software developer. I work with a Mac, and I really love it :) But, I will have to work with Windows. So I have 2 options: install Windows ...
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How should my employer compensate me for having to bring my own laptop to work?

My employer provides me with a decent Windows desktop machine to perform my Software Development tasks. However, for a specific project I'm working on, a Mac would be better suited, providing benefits ...
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