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Questions tagged [career-development]

Questions relating to advancing one's career; this could include questions about promotions and training or looking for a job outside of the current company

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Should I ask HR about an upcoming "promotion" my manager cannot consistently explain? [closed]

I have been at my current employer for more than five and less than ten years in software engineering roles. I am unquestionably recognized a top performer doing important work, but I would like to ...
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Not receiving feedback from raised concerns, what else can I do?

For the past four years, I have been a back end developer in a small, UK-based software development team in a large organization. I have been at this company for 7 years. Last year, I raised several ...
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Does taking hands-on job damage opportunity later?

I am currently getting a Master's of Applied Science in Aerospace engineering, but am interested in wind energy and therefore would maybe rather have any job in wind energy than something higher ...
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How to ask about career growth in an interview?

tl;dr: I'm a dev, I work for a good company, but I want to grow in technology X and this company doesn't care about that technology nor does it have the opportunities I need. I believe I need to go to ...
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My extra mile tends to be taken for granted

I normally do a lot. I deliver what I'm expected to deliver. That's the feedback I've received from all the bosses I've ever had. Speaking in catch phrases, I also go the extra mile. However, I've ...
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Simply being a bad worker or just in the wrong position?

To put it straight: I think I'm a mediocre (java) programmer - I've learned it at university, did always a good job in explaining basics to others (also as private coach for not so experienced ...
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How to split your direct reporters to teams when your manager is against it?

A friend of mine is actually facing this problem. He currently manages around 12 engineers as their direct manager. He's unable to effectively perform his job since he's supposed to have a very hands ...
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Ignoring linkedin requests: can it hurt my career?

I tend to get linkedin connection requests often lately. But also I tend to ignore those which come from people I don't know personally, or ones I don't feel are interesting to me. My question is: do ...
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Next career steps after delivering major success?

I'm an experienced IT professional working in various roles in the industry. About 2 years ago I was hired by Bigcorp in a specific role, head of Devops for one of their products. In this role, I took ...
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How can I get job as a self-taught developer with no degree or certification?

I'm 26, an undergraduate in B.A, a year ago I started Python from YouTube, I have finished the course and started doing freelance from Fiverr, did multiple projects, now I am learning JavaScript to ...
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Taking on a new project and making the most of it

Summary: I have been in the same position for 7 years, and highly rated during each performance review. I am being passed over for promotion, and my manager doesn't give me clear plan for improvement. ...
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I'm not learning anything, can I solve it somehow without quitting?

My role in the current job resulted more junior than what I did before. I'm not learning much and my responsibility is lower than at the previous companies. I was worried that this could be the case ...
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What is the best way to tell your boss that time is up. Either promote me or I am going to find another job [duplicate]

I've had career discussions with my boss a few times and brought up the subject of promotion. They don't dismiss it but keep postponing it. My reviews have all been meets expectations and last review ...
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How can I leave my current Job without feeling bad about it [duplicate]

Situation Im currently working in a small software developing company. By small I mean its only the two founders of the company and me. They gave me the chance to start as a trainee in software ...
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How can I constructively correct long-standing misinformation about me within my organisation?

I'm an experienced software engineer in a large company, where I've worked for about 8 years. My career aspiration has been to become an architect for quite some time, it's something I've pursued ...
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A technical person being pushed into manager role [closed]

Should I consider the role of a manager (temporarily) or start exploring other jobs for individual contributor role?
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Need Advice On Cyber Security Career Path [closed]

I'm an amateur hacker with a solid experience in full stack and programming. I recently decided to chase after my dream job and transitioned to the Cyber industry. I applied to a few companies and ...
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How long to wait before following up with conductors? [closed]

Note: This question also appears in Music Stack Exchange. I wasn't sure which forum was better for it. An emerging [classical-style concert music] composer is seeking to have some of their work ...
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Concerns regarding joining as a consultant

Currently: Working as a full time employee at good MNC as a software engineer in India The offer: Working remotely as a consultant at a US based startup. They offer a consultant position because ...
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How can you determine if the job position you are placed in now is really for you?

I am working as a data analyst in a healthcare company.So far, it has been a little over a month since I have been working at this company. However, there are some parts of the position that are ...
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Should I ask my line manager whether I should apply for another job?

I'm currently working on an hourly contract with this company, I love the job and I love the environment and my team, however, my contract is only 6 months (I'm covering for someone taking a ...
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Is a pure math PhD worth anything in industry?

Note: This question is about pure math PhDs and not applied, and I mean pure as in an area of math which has no current applications outside of mathematics. It could also be broadened to theoretical ...
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3 answers

Have I ruined my career by going back to my old role after struggling as a manager?

Recently I found myself the last man standing after layoffs, and I was given a manager job. I did well for a few months, but my manager started to get in my head with small things I was doing wrong. I ...
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Manager says I take too many sick leaves and that creates a bad perception

I work at a large company in the UK, but not a client facing role. It usually has projects to be delivered over a couple of months. I am entitled to some sick days a year, and I usually take them if I ...
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Business study for career progression [closed]

I am currently working as a software developer, but looking forward in my career I would like to eventually move into senior roles like Head/CTO My question is, is it worth studying business at a ...
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Threatened by senior manager after starting transfer to new department

I recently accepted a new job offer with another department within the same organisation. I told my manager who was supportive and we kicked off the transfer process. A senior manager several levels ...
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The fear of letting go of software development

Have been doing software development, coding and integration for the last 10 years. My company is now offering me a lead position of a development team. As a technical lead here, the way it works is ...
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Will my coworkers resent me for outpacing them?

I work at a large corporation in a team of 10 people. Seven of the people are one level above me in terms of seniority and only 2 of them have directs. I asked my manager to lead a project about 6 ...
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No more senior engineers. How long to give company to find them as a junior?

I work for a Canadian company that for a combo of management stubbornness and the robust remote job market taking Canada's brains south, we have absolutely no senior engineers left. None. Besides my ...
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How useful is experience/knowledge in data engineering for scientific jobs? [closed]

I was wondering (as shown by the title) how useful experience in data engineering could be for future scientific work. In other words, could it be useful if you wanted to do physics and engineering ...
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What do you do if you don't care about your job but need to age your resume to not be a job hopper? [closed]

I am 10 months into a job where the lack of a future is pretty clear. Team is struggling, hiring is struggling, and the division is snarled in bureaucracy from above. Basically how do you slack off ...
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Would you tell your boss that you are thinking of leaving over a lack of seniors at the company? How honest are 1 on 1s supposed to be?

I have two years of experience as a software engineer and this is my second job. One of the concerns I have about continuing is that there are no more senior engineers left at the company, or at least ...
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Are certs really worth time and money

I am a first year CS student who has just taken my first 2 CS classes which introduce programming and I learned Java and basic CS. I was recommended by a few friends that I should do those certs like ...
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Details of promotion was changed

Just a bit of a background: I work for one of the biggest software companies in the world, let's use the pseudonym "know-it-all corporation" (KIA). KIA has two Career tracks, with 6 levels ...
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Career advice as a junior software developer [closed]

I will be graduating in next month and will be starting my first job as a software developer. I am planning for acquiring 2-3 yrs of experience and then apply for masters. I am looking for ...
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Career choices while working on multiple technology stacks

I'm working for a company in their R&D department. Its not particularly R&D but we have to work on product as per requirements from the partners. My work is related to integration of security ...
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No more senior developers. Pros and cons of staying as a junior? [closed]

I am a junior developer with a year and a half of experience and as of this week, besides the Manager of Software Engineering who has no time to code and only has 5 years of experience himself, I am ...
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Appropriateness in requesting the manager to include me in a formal conversation with a potential vendor

I recently discovered an OEM which develops hardware that solves many of the problems which my team is facing. I am sending the details to my manager. I am closely involved in this project and would ...
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Am I being denied a promotion?

I have been in limbo for a promotion at work for a long time, and I’m not being given any clear answers. Reading between the lines, I’m assuming this is a “no”. I was hired into a job and it quickly ...
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How to prepare for a first time meeting in a new role

I'm starting a new role as a development team lead in a large American corporate software development firm. Over the course of my first week, I'll be introducing myself to various stakeholders. During ...
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Manager focusing solely on personal career

I have a manager that is aware of my career objective to transition to her (managerial) role. In our one on one meetings she was encouraging the idea but I noticed that no real progress in any ...
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Fast-paced environments, corporate culture, well paced environments for software engineers? [closed]

The term "fast-paced" environment appears often in job descriptions for software engineers. From a software engineering perspective, among other things, this may imply pressure to produce ...
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Should I quit my job to brush up on more fundamentals?

I had finished a coding bootcamp last year (2020) and got a job in Korea. Here, there are a lot of Python/Django positions and I have been able to get by without knowing a single thing about Computer ...
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What can I do when my bosses get their expectations higher than I can deliver?

I am 9 months into a startup IT company. I had no programming background, apart from a handful in my graduation. I started programming in PHP and Laravel when I joined. There was a requirement to show ...
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Should I return to a company that let me go during the pandemic? [closed]

I worked as an intern at a local Fortune 500 company for a year when the pandemic hit in March. I loved working there, even though the environment was a little cut-throat. They verbally promised me a ...
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How to politely tell a manager to stop telling everyone the both of you are taking a class?

I know this sounds insane because it is. I mentioned I was interested in taking a couple of project/engineering management courses with my then-manager. She insisted I take a certain class, which I ...
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What vocabulary is useful for a person who wants to learn more about turning product ideas into product realities? [closed]

Ever since I was a child, I have had ideas for products. The products are usually for mechanical or electrical gadgets. The description given above is a little too general, so I will offer an example. ...
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Engineer here - All I do is test other peoples work, never design my own

Been at the company 4 years (1 year intern, 3 years after graduating). I used to do lots more design work but the last year or two all I ever do is test other peoples work. When I say test, I mean, ...
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Is a career counselor worth it for successful individuals?

Although my question pertains to my unique situation, I want to ask it in a way that can help a significantly larger group of people. When is it worth pursuing a career counselor? What considerations ...
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Am I being too hasty about wanting to be recognized?

I have been a intern developer at a multinational company for 7 months now. I was very motivated and satisfied with my position for about 3-4 months, until I realized that there were other full-time ...
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