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What should be my reaction to my supervisors' small child showing up during a video conference?

When I have video conference with my supervisors during pandemic, it happens often that her/his child would e.g. barge into the room or he/she appear in the video with his/her child in his/her arm. He/...
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Being sick working in childcare

I’m a trainee at a day care centre, and I’ve had a lot of time off sick due to the flu I caught from the kids. Work has put a lot of pressure on me to come back to work when I haven’t fully recovered,...
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Should employees with children get special treatment [closed]

I've been struggling to determine the right way to approach the following situation: My manager decided that I was the correct person to send on a grueling, long-term travel task, and he specifically ...
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When to tell an interviewer about partner being pregnant?

When, if ever, should the topic of a pregnant partner be brought up during the interviewing and hiring process? To keep this question general enough to be of use for others, please only consider the ...
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Employer ignoring bites and smell for over a month now?

For over a month employees and children have been bitten at the daycare center where I work. They cannot figure out where the bites are coming from but they look like insect bites. There is also a ...
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