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workplace cultures, customs, or laws in the People's Republic of China

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Western recruiters' sentiment towards a long work experience in China [closed]

As a foreigner, I've been working at a big tech company in Mainland China for over 4 years and I increasingly feel the work culture of this company does not align well with my personal values. ...
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Is it common that the sales team haggle with software vendors? [closed]

My employer is a small software company that builds enterprise application software. I am a dev manager, managing a team of about 10 developers. One thing I always feel uncomfortable with is that our ...
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Is it common that people lose interest in attending company annual meeting after being with the company for several years?

I have been in the software industry for 20 years and with my current employer for 10 years. The company annual meetings I have experienced are basically the same. The boss gives some pep talk; review ...
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Is it a standard practice for a manager to know their direct reports' salaries? [closed]

Is it a standard practice for a manager to know their direct reports' salaries? Additionally, what are the pros and cons of a manager knowing this information? I realise this may be different ...
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Deductions and Salary... Asking the boss for an adjustment

Recently because of some conditions of the country (China) and taxes etc. my FINAL salary now is less than the previous year (around 20% less). I talked with the HR department and after some ...
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New foreign coworker doesn't pay for lunch [closed]

There is a European intern who joined company recently. He just graduated from college and will work in the company in China for the next three months. He doesn't read or speak Chinese, so when I ...
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My manager supports the KKK and is actively racist- white man working in China [closed]

Background: I have been interning in an Chinese multinational corporate through a internship program with my American School. My manager has been making sexist and racist remarks throughout the ...
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Working with people that have different views in geopolitics

Our company outsources a lot of ODM and some OEM design with companies in China (and sometimes Taiwan). The views of China's recognition of Taiwan as a sovereign state is different than many Western ...
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How do you access English recruiters and jobs in a location that is not primarily English speaking?

I'm currently residing in Hong Kong. I know there are English speakers everywhere, and there are employment locations that are purely English speaking, and I know English-only employees exists ...
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Ambiguous performance review af a young software engineer [closed]

My post follows this one: How to make young software engineers improve the quality of their output? Without getting into the details of the previous post, we have a software project which was rushed, ...
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3 years working in China... without speaking Mandarin and working with an outdated tech, time to leave for a consulting position? [closed]

I started after my studies to work in a startup. The company got bigger and also shrink somehow but let's say we are now a small company with 30 persons while we were only 8 when the business started. ...
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Is not specifying salary requirements in a CV likely to elicit an automatic rejection in East Asia?

I'm seeking new employment in East Asia; specifically, China and Hong Kong (though relevant answers about other, not-too-culturally-distant markets will be helpful), and in the software industry. It's ...
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Dealing with verbal abuse from technical project manager [closed]

I joined this company a month ago in China as a software development intern, having worked at two previous internships prior (in the US). I am having issues working with my technical project manager ...
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How can I prevent discrimination due to my name?

Firstly, I was born and bred in California. I consider myself American and I'm fluent in English and speak in an american accent. Unfortunately (well actually I don't feel unfortunate about it other ...
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