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Questions relating to receiving the rights to work in another country, or to become a citizen in another country for the purpose of work

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Citizenship status and work application

I am within one to two weeks from taking an oath of citizenship in Canada and was applying for work that favours applicants with citizenship. When the application website asks what is my citizenship ...
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Why would someone ask about your citizen status in a 1v1 [closed]

Suppose an external consultant is working for a company. Why would a manager for that company ask about his citizen status in a 1v1? Is that a sign that that the company wants to hire him?
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Should I mention employment authorization in a cover letter?

A new company is relocating to my town and I am interested in applying to work there. Currently there is no specific position being offered that I could/want to apply for, however on their website ...
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Alien Wanting Wanting Me To Create a USA Upwork Account for Him to Use

Someone found me because he noticed that while working on the freelancing site, US workers get top dollar. Therefore, he wants someone in the USA to create an account for him, and work under that ...
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Can a job reject a British citizen if they have dual nationality? [closed]

I have recently been offered a job with a government organisation in the UK. I was hired through a job agency, and one of the requirements is to be a UK national which I am. I got offered the job, and ...
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Companies with Visa Sponsored for a non-European citizen [closed]

I'm a non-European citizen considering looking for jobs in Europe. Actually I'm Iranian, And as far as I know, some companies offer visa sponsorship to foreign candidates in Stack-Over-Flow. But ...
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Citizenship question in an interview

I've heard that in the US it is not legal to ask an interviewee about their citizenship. However, in order to get security clearance a candidate must only be a US citizen (if they are dual citizens, ...
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Where to show local work authorization(s) in a resume

I am helping someone with their resume. The person is a citizen of country A, has work permit (and will require sponsorship) in country B and is currently a permanent resident of country C and D. ...
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How do I indicate I'm not a foreign national on my resume?

I'm a first-generation American, but my parents are from The Old Country and as such gave me a pretty traditional name for their culture. The problem is: in my field of choice, it's common for those ...
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