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Shall I tell the higher up and client that I have depression?

I have had depression for many years, I always managed to work properly regardless but this time even my work is getting effected. I have restarted my medical treatment but since the work is getting ...
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When working from client's office, how do you politely decline invitations to after-work hangouts? [closed]

The company for which I am a permanent employee of, has a client in the same city, they've outsourced me for that and I work directly from my client's company office. Often times, I run into ...
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Is this fraud? And if so, to what extent am I responsible?

I am the most senior technical employee at a small company providing software as a service to other businesses. The company only has about 10 employees, so one of the directors does a lot of the sales ...
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How to deal with a client who is constantly distrustful towards me?

I work as a freelance web developer. There is one important client that I'm currently doing a large project for. Most of the time he is easy going and friendly, but there have been many times he ...
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Should I help my company in getting more business when they rejected my salary increase and promotion?

I am a very helpful person and love to help out whenever asked to. I am leading a team of half a dozen people and work for Company A through Company B, which is my real employer. Things have been ...
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Is it okay to ask my boss a laptop or computer loan? [closed]

I was considering to ask from my boss for 2 years even though he wasn't offering it. He outsourced his Customer Service to our country and he was nice all the time however with very few benefits, and ...
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Should I accept his LinkedIn invitation? Client of consulting company wants to stay connected [closed]

I have been working for a consulting company, specifically with one of its clients. I gave my notice period to the consulting company, and I will stop working there in a couple weeks. One VP from the ...
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What would company do to me if I cheat their clients? [closed]

I am working in a MNC since 8 months and get caught cheating when I am giving client interview for getting into client project by using proxy. Will they recover salary back from me for cheating their ...
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Would working with a client outside work count as Conflict of Interest

I was wondering that I have discovered a potential client that is currently looking for similar services to the one my organization currently provides. I can provide them the same services my ...
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Previous client wants details about a past project from my previous company

I have switched my job and now I am working in an multinational company. But, prior to that I was in a startup. There was a government project, which I almost did it by myself. I had a full day of ...
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How to deal with this toxic client?

I will give some context to this situation, which is starting to affect me quite a lot. I started in this company around 9 months ago. My first project was helping one guy with a web portal that was ...
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New employer asked me to work contrary to our agreement. I am not sure what to do

I joined a company in mid February 2022 as a Principal Developer after having spent more than seven years in my previous company. It is a service-based company, which means that the company has no ...
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How might I avoid significantly overestimating the time required to deliver a potential client's software project?

Spoke with a potential client about delivering a computer vision app. I estimated this would take one month, erring on the side of a conservative estimate to account for any complexities that might ...
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Should I report it to my manager that the client's security didn't help (eg show me around) like my instructions said they would?

I have a side job where the office I report to is in another city. I used to work for them close to full time, but now I have a different job. Since it was such a great company to work with I still do ...
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Client is not paying on time, swears on call

I am currently working for an MNC but due to some financial, I also had to pick a side job. In this side job (freelancing) client is not paying me on time. The pay date is the 3rd of every month but I ...
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How to discuss potentially dropping a Client I (and others) have a moral objection to

I work for a digital agency, and my team (that I lead) is set to inherit a long term client. Trouble is, a member of my team expressed a moral objection to working for this client and now that I have ...
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Is this multi-company employment relationship a usual practice?

I was approached by a recruiter. After some discussion they said that the potential opportunity would be to work for a company we'll call Company A, and for the first 1.5 to 2 years with a client of ...
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How can I influence our clients to not constantly ask for more?

Our service, a SaaS for b2b, offers a wide range of analytics through our dashboard. New features Most clients are happy with the offering, while they do have from time to time requests for ...
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Vetting real projects with clients

A weird situation took place last week at work. A person (let’s call him “agent”) that seems the owner and only employee of an engineering company contacted the company I work for to describe us an ...
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How to deal with client on requirement?

I am software developer and the client gave me some requirement. So, the topic is I know that the requirement which is given by client will take too long to implement/finish and it will cost more ...
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How does one build reputation as an expert in the programming field? [closed]

In a previous answer here on workplace, someone once responded to a different question saying, Be patient. Building up a network of potential clients takes time, and it involves you proving yourself ...
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How do I reach an agreement with a client who used to be an employer

I'm in quite a quandary and could use some advice... To start, 'client' is not entirely accurate. I started as a contractor for this company 7 years ago, before being employed full-time a few years ...
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Sending email to a past client of my past company?

So back in 2017-2018, I worked for an agency company. It's a software solutions company. It had a small client - a startup. And I was tasked to give some maintenance support for their app for a month. ...
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How do to ship "utility" code that's not really part of the "value add" work

I hope this is the right forum for this. I do software work for clients and typically the client owns the code I write. Now this work can include "utilities" i.e. useful code that I have ...
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I work for company A and Company B is happy with my work. What if I ask company B if they're hiring?

The thing that compelled me to ask this question here is this image/meme: Now, if I work at company A and we have a client company B, and I work as an outsourced staff for company B, and if I ask ...
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As a freelancer, how do I handle a client not responding when I want to discuss future availability?

I have started as a freelancer a couple of months ago (as from July) in the data management area. I thought that I found my luck when my ex-employer (a consultancy company) proposed a contract to keep ...
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Client managment changed and new managment ignoring the project

The client (client is just a department of our org) requested a specific project to be implemented, by end of phase 1 the management changed. The new management don’t want to use phase1 nor to go ...
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Lost client because he exploded on me after arguing with him

A client wanted me to change some of the things for his project but I refused. I argued that it was unnecessary, and that the project at present was more in line with the client's goals and ...
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How to proceed with a client not paying?

I was working as a freelancer during my free time for a client overseas, I was programming in a framework that isn't very popular, so there aren't many programmers doing freelance for this particular ...
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Client wants me to interact with their end-customer, but through client's company email

I develop software and sell licenses to a client in a relationship that is technically non-exclusive but so far has been exclusive in practice i.e. they are an important client to me. My client (let's ...
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Freelance Android - Client doesn't have source code to provide, only the apk is it normal?

i'm new to all the freelance work and since last week i have receive two offer. The first one was rebranding of an Android App. The client had a version of his application and he want me to add his ...
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Recording the online meetings

I often take online meetings with my clients to provide them technical consultation. They’re all audio-- no video. We sometimes share screens also. Mostly my client shares his/hers, and sometimes the ...
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Forced by client to remove security feature, now client blames me for data theft

During last months the project manager (PM) from a client requested many times to remove some security features we put on their web portal to “ease our day-by-day operativity” (their own words). ...
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Why would a company pays money to clients over the software they sell? [closed]

How could a company pay back some money to clients for selling a software (Is it a form of sue?). Could you explain this? It's not like when we buy something and we get a bad product and then you ask ...
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Sharing financial details (mainly quotes provided to clients) with other or prospective clients

I'm a self-employed web developer. A little while ago, I made an agreement with a local graphic designer to whom I will provide subcontracted web development services for their clients as needed. ...
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Professional way to handle pressure for delivery date from client?

I work for a smaller business (50 employees) and am the only one handling a fairly large project for a client. This project involves upgrading software on their server. They are consistently ...
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How should I prepare for a meeting with a client about large amount of bugs?

I have a meeting tomorrow to discuss concerns about the many bugs inside of an application I recently upgraded. How do I prepare for such a meeting?
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I'm being blamed for not responding to an email from a client that was directly addressed to coworker

I work in development and support for one of my company's products. I'm the only support employee, but there is another person that is above me. He's not technically a support employee, but he's ...
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Client was a victim of ransomware attack, how do we continue projects while they recover?

Our client had all their files encrypted through ransomware. They are negotiating payment of half a million dollars to retrieve data. It will take a month. They lost all their digital utility system ...
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How to improve quality on reports that clients don't read?

My co-workers think that because our clients don't read our technical reports, we don't need to do high quality work (i.e. spend time revising, correct spelling, proper formatting, grammar, etc. ). ...
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How do I handle an extremely late delivery?

I took a client on in February for a mobile app. Another developer had built some infrastructure and I told them that I might try to save some of the infrastructure. We made an agreement for certain ...
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My work is being pawned off to my colleague. Is it reasonable to apologize to my colleague?

I recently came back from a long trip at a client's location. This trip took longer than expected. There were many problems and I couldn't figure out if they were caused by my lack of knowledge in ...
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Communication between two vendors of the same client

There are two vendors working for the same client in different departments One of them, let us call them 'A', looks into the global IT operations, improvements and projects. The other one, 'B', ...
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How to whistle blow unethical project decisions to client.?

I was the Architect for a project our company just started working on for an MNC. The one who runs the project from the client side is a good friend of mine. For some unsaid reasons, and due to ...
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Structure for client visit

we have a very important client visiting our office. One key aspect of this visit is the client’s desire to interact with our staff at all levels, ask questions, understand what they are working on ...
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How to get project manager to be in charge of communications with the client?

I am developer in a technology consulting company, where each developer is assigned to multiple client projects simultaneously. Each client project has a designated project manager who is responsible ...
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How do we improve the relationship with a client software team that performs poorly and is becoming less collaborative?

I work as a team leader in a team of 6 (2 very senior devs, 1 senior dev, 1 medium level dev, 1 junior dev and 1 senior graphic designer). Our client has his own internal team of 5 (1 architect, 2 ...
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Taking favor from the management while attending an interview

Most of the projects in Indian major IT companies are outsourced. The standard practice to get a candidate on-board is to follow a series of interviews, one of which could be with the client where one ...
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What to do when during a meeting client's people start to (physically) fight with each other?

I work on a project that requires many on-site meetings at the client's location, with client people from different departments. These departments can be considered as closed silos, where everyone ...
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Should my client be so concerned about basically my death?

I made an offer to a long-time client to build a system for them that would increase their profits drastically. They agree at that point. The problem is if the system completely broke for a few days, ...
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