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Bothered with direction co-op is going

I am 2 months into a 6-month co-op (extended internship for those unfamiliar) centered around machine learning. Thus far I have been assigned to work on a couple of projects, all of which have been ...
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How to deal with a colleague with a very bossy attitude [duplicate]

I do apologize if I'm not following the format, but I need something that I can use as a baseline for the future. I work for a quite big software company, and among the projects task we are assigned ...
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New web dev job is very intimidating

I've recently started a co-op job (4 month paid internship essentially) as a web developer at a fast growing company. It was a long shot applying for the job, but I was excited to find out I'd been ...
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Being Hired as a Vendor or Contractor, how do you put it on your resume?

I did an internship/co-op at a company, and then I went back to my home university. From there, I continued to work with them on the project and they hired me as a Vendor to be able to get a badge and ...
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Declining full-time offer during co-op

I am currently in a co-op position at company A during my current school year. This co-op is scheduled to end in the Spring, and I have received an offer from company A for full-time permanent ...
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