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Questions regarding the people one works with. This includes questions about communication, teamwork, or other issues caused by ones co-workers.

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What can I do to make a coworker's lack of effort more visible?

There have been a number of questions where people have been dealing with coworkers who were not pulling their weight. The common perception seems to be that this is due to lack of effort or ability. ...
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What can I do about a very loud coworker?

Our office space is pretty tight and there are no cubicles. There is a guy sitting next to me and he is the loudest person I ever met. He is groaning, crackling, puffing, giving loud sighs and ...
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Problems with loud, bossy colleague

I just graduated from college and started in this new company 6 months ago. I have a problem with a colleague at work. He is not well liked by other colleagues in the office. He's loud, bossy and ...
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Handling Credit-takers [closed]

How should I handle colleagues, especially seniors/superiors, who generally do not contribute much towards a project, but jump in from nowhere at the correct time to take credit?
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How to politely ask a coworker to “Google it”

I'm working in a team of 8 consultants just like me. I'm the youngest member of the team and also the one with the least experience (on resume at least). But 4 of the 8 members of the team will often ...
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Should I inform my manager that a colleague is looking for another job if I was told that in confidence?

I'm in a situation in which a colleague informed me that he/she was looking for a new job and has a couple of good prospects. I am concerned for the team if this person leaves and I'd like to give my ...
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Coworker doesn't actually work - how to deal with the situation? [duplicate]

We have a colleague who prefers to waste time at work instead of well... working. He's either watching movies, playing online games, or he's always on social sites. This is all on company time, with ...
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How can I keep myself from overstepping my authority with co-workers?

The other day, my boss approached me in private and had a very surprising talk with me - a talk about how important it is for me and my co-worker to go to him for help, to work together where we can, ...
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How can I deal with a difficult coworker?

I have a member on my team who acts like a boorish pig. He "borrows" my belongings without asking, almost as if he's entitled to it. Last time, I had some snack on my desk and he just took it to his ...
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How to handle demoralization caused by a slacker in the team?

I recently started working a programming contract at a company, and initially everything was going fine. I was very focused, I came in on time every day and got a load of work done, and never let ...
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How to deal with a bossy coworker

Long story short, our team is now out of its team leader and our manager is not quite involved in our day to day operations. We're a small team with two more senior guys (another guy and myself) and ...
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How to gently enforce "nohello" to a coworker?

I am a huge proponent of nohello in the workplace - I get way too many Slack messages and other interrupts to waste time on pleasantries. I keep my Slack status set to "" as a way ...
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How to handle a coworker pretending to be my boss? [duplicate]

I have an odd situation: I have a coworker who acts like he's my boss. I've already confirmed with higher-ups that it's just not true. He'll say all kinds of things like: This is my department. ...
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How can I politely decline a team lunch?

Most of the time, I find that lunch time is the one time that some bond occurs with between colleagues. There is a canteen onsite which we go to. We get to know a bit more about the person we are ...
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My boss slapped me over a calculation error [closed]

My boss slapped me because My Excel file had a calculational error. I fixed the error and saved the file to the network. If I complain, I guess I will just get fired. But I don't want to work for ...
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How to deal with an incompetent colleague?

The setup... A little more than a year ago, we started a search for a "rock star" developer. We had lost our legitimately brilliant lead developer to a start up. I was able to step in and fill his ...
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How to gain respect from more experienced co-workers

I just finished my undergrad for college, and started my new job at a tech company. Most of my co-workers are 20, 30, or 40 years older than me. It seems like my status of being a fresh college ...
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How do I get a coworker to stop chit chatting?

I am a software developer and I have an older coworker (60+ years old) who comes to me every time he has a question about anything involved with computers. Most of the time I am busy and I have no ...
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Should I Just Deal With Interruptions?

I'm a lead developer of a 6 person software team. Among the applications we develop are some that are used for in-house operations. As lead, I'm a resource to the other developers and a liaison to ...
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Is it OK to ask colleagues to leave if they're sick?

I can't stand it when someone that sits near me comes in when they're sick. All day long I listen to them sniffle and cough and I just sit there and wonder how long until they pass their germs on to ...
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How can I politely decline my boss's invitations to social events after-hours or on the weekend

I'm currently working in a software company and I am enjoying it so far. Everyone is quite friendly and gets along well together. A lot of times since I have started here my boss has asked me to ...
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Coworkers slapped me for jokingly suggesting them to kiss. How should I proceed when they deny the incident? [closed]

We arrived back at the office from a work party. A guy hugged a young woman, who was drunk. I joked about how drunk she was and joked that he should kiss her. She slapped me for this remark. Then the ...
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How to deal with "unresponsive" colleagues?

I routinely have to deal with a situation when some of my colleagues do not reply to my chat messages or emails. I can't just ignore them, because I get tasks from them and occasionally need to ...
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Is it advisable to tell my colleague that he is getting fired?

Yesterday, my manager told me that my colleague would get fired. Then I asked my boss for the reason, and he gave an explanation. After we finished the conversation, I continued working. When I came ...
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How should I deal with an employee who has slept with my wife?

I'm the owner of a business with about 30-40 employees. Recently, I found out that one of my employees has been having an affair with my wife. The employee has worked for me for four years. I felt ...
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I've killed my colleagues' characters during RPG session, now they won't talk to me

Introduction I am a software developer and I've been with my current company for about 4 months now. Initially I've generally stuck to myself but after a while (a month?) of getting to know everybody ...
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Balance between quiet workplace and necessary discussion

We are having some strain in the team due to the level of noise in the office. Background: We share a single office with a team of six software developers. We generally have a good team atmosphere, ...
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How to deal with a sneaky competitive colleague? [closed]

As a member of a small team of six communication professionals, I value working independently while being a strong team player. I enjoy training colleagues and in particular mentoring younger team ...
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Coworker who likes to take credit for work that is not theirs [duplicate]

I am someone who likes to believe that it is important for all members in a team to give and receive credit where credit is due, but recently these ideas have been put to challenge in my office. You ...
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New colleague is a smoker; I can hardly breathe near him

To be explicit: this is my problem. I'm not "blaming" the new guy (actually he's rather nice). That said ... I'm allergic to smoke. When I was younger, I went "out on the town" only once or twice a ...
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How do I tell a colleague that I don't want to add him to Facebook?

I consider Facebook to have information that is personal and that I only share with close friends and family. However, in my new workplace I’ve been asked several times for my Facebook username and/or ...
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How to shoo away people who make informal requests at the desk or canteen? [duplicate]

My role involves working with teams across the company, but there is a strong tendency for people to come and chat us up informally in order to get their things done, put pressure and even "blackmail" ...
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Workplace gossip makes me uncomfortable - how do I deal with it?

At some of my jobs people love to gossip about each other. I don't like to participate in gossip. I've found that if I speak up to tell these people that I believe gossipping is bad, I become a ...
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I will soon become the manager of a close friend. How do I be an effective manager and friend?

A close friend of mine will soon be moving into my department. We see each other outside of work and our significant others both work together at a different institution. I want to be an effective ...
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What is an appropriate response to the death of a coworker's loved one?

My coworker's father passed away. The following day, an employee from HR sent out an office-wide email with the obituary and viewing details with the coworker's permission, and started a fund for a ...
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How to deal with a colleague who mocks me

A member of the team I work with is a guy who considers himself "super-smart". He makes snide remarks to me for no specific reason. I have not previously had any such problems with others, so I can't ...
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Should we maintain the difference between personal and professional contacts?

I am a newbie in a professional world and hence I have some new friends in my working area including some seniors. So, we are also connected from a social networking site but the issues is I am ...
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How can I get my colleagues to stop interrupting me?

I am the youngest and the least experienced member of my team of eight. Everyone else has at least six years' experience. I have been observing that, for a long time now, whenever I try making a ...
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How should one handle an unnecessary question?

A fairly common experience is that a colleague or subordinate will ask a question (in person, email, phone, etc) that would have been answered if they would have properly read all the correspondence, ...
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How do I deal with getting blamed for my coworker's sloppy code?

You may recently have seen my question How do I tell a coworker he's wrong? Well the time has come where I got a long email being blamed for sloppy coding done by said coworker. I'm not a blamer....
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Boss's son does no work at all, how to handle it [duplicate]

We have a colleague who, quite frankly, does not work. The only exception is when the boss asks him to do a specific job; in this instance, he will do it (although usually in 5 minutes but make out ...
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Dealing with co-workers that do not shower [duplicate]

I currently sit in a cubical beside someone who does not seem to understand the merits of shower on a regular basis. This is not affecting my job per se, but it is sometimes distracting to have the ...
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How do I resign gracefully from a professional job?

This question is intended to be a canonical question, see Make that answer a canonical answer to "how to quit gracefully in a professional way" I am currently working in a full time ...
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How to deal with a bossy, micro-managing co-worker [duplicate]

I'm a web dev (mostly front-end/UX designer), at a small shop of less than 10. I was hired quite quickly as they had projects piling up and the previous person in my position had kind of left them ...
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Asked to secretly obtain coworker's knowledge before he gets fired

I was recently told by my manager that one of my coworkers (call him Steve) will be fired in a few weeks, as his last reviews were found unsatisfactory. My manager also told me to "inquire and ...
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Colleagues speaking another language and it impacts work

I am aware of the following questions, but feel like they don't apply completely here because of the meeting issue (point 2 below): Everyone at work except me speaks another language How to deal ...
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How to decline a colleague's requests for a drive home?

I have a colleague that asked me for a ride home once because he had to get home in a hurry, so I gave him a lift. Now yesterday he asked for a ride home again, and while I did give him a lift, I ...
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Male colleague using female bathroom and not cleaning up

I work in a growing company with only 1 bathroom for women, and 1 for men. The bathrooms are always occupied and everyone needs to wait from time to time. My male colleague uses the female bathroom, ...
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Coworker CCs boss on trivial email correspondence

I have a coworker who has a habit of CCing our common boss on nearly all email correspondence. The boss is hands-on enough to know what we are talking about but he is also cool and practical enough ...
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Should I help co-workers with their projects?

A new employee joined our company 2 months ago. He was a newbie (well, I am not a pro either, but I definitely know more than he does) so he often asked me for help. And today when I arrived at work I ...
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