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Questions regarding the people one works with. This includes questions about communication, teamwork, or other issues caused by ones co-workers.

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What can I do if I have a colleague who is picking on me?

I have a colleague who is making unrelated non-professional remarks (for example she criticized the socks I was wearing last time). It looks like that she is frustrated and this is her strategy to ...
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Should I be giving unsolicited help?

Situation is this: X and Y sit near my cubicle. X asks Y some question, which Y doesn't know an answer to, but together they spend quite some time talking on that. I have heard their conversation, ...
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When you have passive aggressive co-workers

I've been at the same gig for almost 8 years. I was hired in as a software developer (the entire SDLC) and am the only developer in a small IT department. We went through lay offs awhile back and ...
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How to deal with colleagues who smoke and carry a bad breath to meeting rooms? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How should I approach a co-worker on matters of personal hygiene? I spend 3 hours of my time on an average everyday in meeting rooms. The rooms are generally very small and ...
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How can you fix someone else's work without seeming pretentious, mean, or arrogant?

I joined up at a place a few months ago as a web developer. They hired me thinking I was "green" to the industry, placing me as a junior developer, and giving me menial tasks at first. I've since ...
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Should I shake hands with everyone at the start of the day?

I have just joined a company. What I have seen there is that our seniors regularly come to my seat and shake hands with me and all. Do I also need to do the same and shake hands with all employees on ...
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Is it appropriate to share links with coworkers?

I'm working at a company that is slow to embrace new technologies and best practices. I worry about this, because I was given the green light to rewrite a large part of the codebase in the current ...
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Improving social interaction at work [closed]

I'm working in a small team of developers and often it's very quiet. While that's a plus, it is sometimes a bit awkward if nobody talks for almost the whole day. It feels like you go to work, program ...
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Bargaining for colleague's salary hike - Is this unethical? [closed]

I'm an almost 2 years experienced programmer, currently working as a team lead in my company. I'm the above average, geek programmer who friends and colleagues generally thinks highly of. And my ...
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What can I do about a very loud coworker?

Our office space is pretty tight and there are no cubicles. There is a guy sitting next to me and he is the loudest person I ever met. He is groaning, crackling, puffing, giving loud sighs and ...
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How can I deal with a difficult coworker?

I have a member on my team who acts like a boorish pig. He "borrows" my belongings without asking, almost as if he's entitled to it. Last time, I had some snack on my desk and he just took it to his ...
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Should we maintain the difference between personal and professional contacts?

I am a newbie in a professional world and hence I have some new friends in my working area including some seniors. So, we are also connected from a social networking site but the issues is I am ...
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9 answers

Coworker doesn't actually work - how to deal with the situation? [duplicate]

We have a colleague who prefers to waste time at work instead of well... working. He's either watching movies, playing online games, or he's always on social sites. This is all on company time, with ...
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Being nice only around the boss, does it benefit the team? [duplicate]

Before I ask my actual question, let me introduce our company structure in few lines: I work on a project that's completely agile in development. We are a team of 6 and we have 5 such teams in our ...
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In an exit interview, (how) do I tell my manager about my replacement's lack of skills?

I'm a software engineering co-op that's finishing my term in the next few days. I've worked solo on a decently sized project that seems to have garnered some interest from my co-workers. I really like ...
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36 votes
6 answers

Should I help co-workers with their projects?

A new employee joined our company 2 months ago. He was a newbie (well, I am not a pro either, but I definitely know more than he does) so he often asked me for help. And today when I arrived at work I ...
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Why not always feel confident enough to speak and share my views in workplace [closed]

Some times I come across strange problem which is I didn't feel comfortable enough to speak with persons in my colony or my workplace. At that time I feel feared and even views to share or words didn'...
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How can I deal with two supervisors with conflicting requirements?

I am a software developer. I was under training period and I was evaluated by my two seniors. Whenever they used to give me any application it was both of them who were reviewing my application. ...
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Flowing in and out of casual conversation

In part of an answer to a question related to discussion, someone made this statement: Save non-work-related chat until the whole team is out of flow. With my experience, I am terrible at reading ...
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Offering help without seeming like a jerk

I have a few colleagues who work on interesting projects but they face problem in certain domains that I am good (but not expert) at. I wish to offer them help for my own reasons (experience, ...
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Should I disconnect from a past colleague on LinkedIn when a relationship has gone sour?

Despite my efforts at maintaining a professional and positive relationship while resigning from a job, I've recently been informed by past colleagues that my past employer has been saying a lot of ...
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2 answers

How should I respond when a coworker says something offensive or inappropriate?

I've been in workplaces where it wasn't uncommon for others to express derogatory remarks about large groups of people, for example an ethnic group. Sometimes this includes groups I identify with, ...
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6 answers

How soon after should I follow up on a missed deadline?

If someone working on a document tells me he will email it to me tomorrow, and that I will have it by 10:00, how long after the deadline should I wait to follow up? I feel that emailing (or worse, ...
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How should I deal with colleagues asking me to hide problems with their work?

My specific situation is that I am working as tester for a web application project, and after some low level security tests I realized the application has lots of vulnerabilities. I would normally ...
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Balance between quiet workplace and necessary discussion

We are having some strain in the team due to the level of noise in the office. Background: We share a single office with a team of six software developers. We generally have a good team atmosphere, ...
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How can I deal with co-workers that send me a lot of off topic emails?

A few of my colleagues have a tendency of sending a variety of off topic emails, ranging from the usual "funny" stuff to serious, but still not work related stuff. I really don't like that, my inbox ...
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How can I keep my relationship with an unproductive co-worker who makes me do twice the work? [closed]

For the past few months, I have been working with a coworker who, although is smart and hardworking, tends to make me promises which he doesn't live up to. These might be trivial ones like coming ...
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How can I politely decline a team lunch?

Most of the time, I find that lunch time is the one time that some bond occurs with between colleagues. There is a canteen onsite which we go to. We get to know a bit more about the person we are ...
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What is the preferred way of reporting suspicious behavior by co-workers?

Oftentimes when I fill out a job application, I'm also asked to take a survey where I have to write the best action to take. One question (or something similar) I see pop up on these surveys all the ...
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Handling Credit-takers [closed]

How should I handle colleagues, especially seniors/superiors, who generally do not contribute much towards a project, but jump in from nowhere at the correct time to take credit?
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Workplace gossip makes me uncomfortable - how do I deal with it?

At some of my jobs people love to gossip about each other. I don't like to participate in gossip. I've found that if I speak up to tell these people that I believe gossipping is bad, I become a ...
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How do I motivate my colleagues?

Sometimes I have to work with a particular colleague on my team; the problem is, in my opinion, that he takes his work too lightly. When I start a job, I commit to it and want to meet my deadlines and ...
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