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Dealing with interference from my boss

I am the lead software developer of a startup since one year. We are 7 in the company and I will be promoted as CTO in few months, and I informally fulfill that role since I was hired. We have some ...
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I've been assigned to a project I have no clue about. What do I do?

I was moved to a new project yesterday (I know it's a little early to judge). Anyway, I have zero clues about what is happening. The manager is very uncooperative which might be because his boss ...
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Promised big promotion; new hire might get it instead; help please

I've been working with my current company for 7 years, and have received 2 promotions (i.e. from coop student, to engineer, to intermediate engineer). There are only two more levels in my company (...
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Lost a client, is our employee incompetent? [closed]

We lost a client recently. These are the facts. The client came into our branch asking to do two things. First he said he no longer had a mobile phone number, so he wanted us to delete it. The ...
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How to do code reviews to people whose programming skills are weak?

I am a developer and I was recently promoted so I am doing significantly more code reviews now. Part of that includes doing code reviews on Github with people who are either not very competent or lack ...
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What's the best way to manage someone with a great degree but few skills? [closed]

On the Hot Network Questions list today: "Just graduated with a master’s degree, but I internalised nothing." Suppose that OP or someone in the same position has just been assigned to me as a ...
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How to get along with an incompetent manager?

I do freelance computer work (hardware, network, database development) for a small company since years. Until about a year ago I worked for the owner. The owner does not know much about computer and ...
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Dealing with previous manager being always present [closed]

My girlfriend is the manager of a veterinary medical clinic that does a lot of charity work on strays or for elderly that can't afford the care for their pets. She is a veterinary nurse but also has ...
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