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Industrial Management master or Financial Mathematics master? [closed]

So, I've recently finished a computer science degree at KTH. But what I realized is that I enjoy working with people more and kind of want to get "away" from monotone theoritical computer ...
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CS career - frustrating PR review [closed]

Edit: I don't understand why I'm being downvoted, all I am doing is asking for advice. I have been a developer for nearly 10 years, though it's the first time I am in a "tech" company. My ...
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Dealing with hard questions during a software developer interview

I've recently attended an interview for a software developer position. At one point I was given three questions - two code writing and another more theoretical. One of the code writing questions ...
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What to do when your employer won’t upgrade inadequate computers [duplicate]

I work in advertising for a multimillion dollar company. We have 2018 Mac Minis that shut down frequently. We have to work over to meet deadlines because of how poorly they perform. We have asked for ...
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Can you apply to internships that ask you when you are expected to graduate even though you graduated? [closed]

I recently graduated in 2022 with a bachelor's degree related to a science field, and I got a certificate in Computer Science during the summer of 2022. As I am currently job searching for entry-level ...
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How to indicate I wish to start work before graduation date (and conceal university time period?)

So. Two questions: I need 1 more course to complete my Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science (Specialization in Software engineering). I finished 45/46 courses. The last course will be completed ...
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How to show incomplete degree on resume [duplicate]

For my university, I was in the Bachelor's of Science Specialist in Computer Science program. The specialist program requires 40 CS courses (4 years worth) completed, and the Major Program only ...
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Should I mention my mid-term (3-5 years) career ambitions in my cover letter?

I finished my Bachelor's in Computer Science around a year ago and have been working as a research assistant at my university since. Recently, I started applying for industry jobs as a software ...
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Is it a bad idea to build a complex portfolio website?

I'm a recent CS grad. I'm currently building a portfolio website with ASP.Net 5. So far, I've completed registration with email confirmation, login, and partially completed the profile page. The ...
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PM Intern as a compsci student?

I'm a second year CompSci student based in the UK hoping to get a career as a software developer. I've been offered a Project Management internship in an online banking company. I don’t have much ...
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For an employer, is a candidate with a Phd in AI more desirable over a candidate that spent the same time working in the same area in the industry? [closed]

I am about to finish my masters degree in AI, and I am considering the possibility of doing a PhD. Honestly I am not very willing, I would rather stay working where I work (I work with AI research in ...
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Tips for finding jobs writing compilers and/or operating systems? and, are the salaries of people with these jobs open knowledge?

In the tech space, my dream job is writing compilers for new and various languages across different paradigms (think everything between Haskell, C#, C++, Smalltalk, JavaScript, prolog and LISP). I ...
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Reaching out to employer about different positions

I recently finished an internship and went back to college. Before the internship I thought the position I applied for is what I wanted to do after graduation. However during the internship I found a ...
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CS - Switch jobs, maintain $$

I currently work as a senior engineer building workflows at a FAANG (Backend Python mostly, but I do know my way around Angular). I'm planning on switching jobs either to a Software Development ...
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Jobs I can get with an AI master degree [closed]

I am asking this question again because it was closed for the wrong reason. I am not asking for a specific advice on what I should do after graduating. I just want to know from people who already work ...
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How to apply to a company where the technical recruiter wanted to fire me 12 years ago?

I just graduated from my bachelor in computing and I’m looking for a 2 years apprenticeship for my Master degree. It’s been 2 months I’m searching and most colleges want a signed promise to hire in 2 ...
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Is Junior Appian Developer a good entry level SWE position? [closed]

Just some background: I graduated with a dual degree in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. After grad I worked in the Mech Eng field for one year but now my contract has ended and I am sure ...
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(High Schooler) What to do with research idea - R&D internship or Own Startup?

My Background: I am 17 years old and I am currently about to end my junior year in high school. I'm pretty good with CS, having done a lot of projects over the past few years, some of which went to ...
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What master's degree is recommended to study at a university for establishing a start-up after learning computer science? [closed]

I studied for 3 years computer science at a relatively good university, and at the same time I have several years of experience with broad and deep knowledge in many fields on the subject. I am a ...
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How to build a portfolio in Computer Science? [closed]

I have seen somewhat similar questions to this here but I'm not sure any of them answer what I have in mind so hopefully you good people can be of more help I am currently a second-year Computer ...
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How to say you taught/educated someone from a different field in your resume?

A friend who studied Computer Science is writing his resume for a new job position. On his previous work, he worked in a project that included engineers and scientists from different fields. He had ...
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Does the quality of a doctoral thesis make any difference in job quality in the industry?

I know in the academic system it is very important if one has completed his Ph.D. with a "summa cum laude" or not. At least if someone wants to go for a professorship position. Also, to try ...
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How explicit should I be about my programming skills on my CV

I'm a recent Computer Science graduate and am now applying to jobs on the free market. During my course of studies, I've acquired skills in a wide range of programming languages and popular/specific ...
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