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How to stop feeling overwhelmed when asked to deliver a project?

I am senior software engineer, and have done pretty much as 10 projects till date. But last year I was given a task to lead a team which had a continous scope creeps, and I had to deal with lots of ...
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How to be collaborative & helpful yet concentrated on your goal

I like to help people and people show up to me for help many times. But many times in aggressive timelines on projects I am facing hard time to be both helpful & highly productive. I like to ...
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(Alternatives to) Sensory Deprivation for Concentration & Productivity

I found that my concentration and productivity are higher (probably up to 50%) when I wear ear plugs and when I work in a relatively dark room (shutters almost closed). That's probably not surprising ...
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Co-worker has annoying ringtone

There is a co-worker who has this annoying ringtone of "In the end - Linkin park" and gets about 10 to 15 calls every day. Every time his phone rings I get really annoyed. I feel like I should tell ...
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Avoiding morning and evening handshakes

I work in an open space office at the moment with ~30 people on the same floor. I tend to arrive early and leave late thus flocks of arriving and leaving people are zooming past me both in the morning ...
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