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My manager tells me to have more confidence in my work

I was training a new hire at work very last minute today. I have only been with the company for a a little over a year and there are some things I’m still not 100% on knowledge wise. My manager called ...
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How to save my boss' face when his evidence to motivate us is wrong?

One day my boss sent in our team chat group a screenshot of his conversations with one of his former subordinates who is now working in a giant. In a conversation my former colleague(the mentioned guy)...
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UK - I am regularly told at work that I cannot be a good engineer because I didn't do an apprenticeship

I went straight to university after school and got a degree in electrical and electronic engineering. I try to be a humble person and I often joke I've made a career out of knowing I don't know ...
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How to stand up for myself at work without seeming arrogant, petty or spiteful

I've worked as a software developer in a small/medium-sized company for about 2.5 years (my first proper job after Uni). Basically everyone knows each other in the software development teams. Lately ...
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I feel superfluous in the team - should I stay or go?

I have been with my current employer for a bit more than 2 years. In theory I like a lot about my workplace- there are interesting projects, I can learn a lot, people are nice in general. But there ...
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An employee has low self-confidence, and is performing poorly. How can I help?

I am looking for some leadership/management advice. My situation is quite similar to this one, but (as you'll see below) I'm already trying to do what was suggested in those answers. I manage a ...
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How to answer "What makes you best fit for this role"?

This happened last Monday. I was interviewing for a Financial & Risk Advisory position at one of the big 4 Accounting firms. Everything went well but I messed it up at the very last question of ...
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How do I stop selling myself so short and gain confidence with my passion? [closed]

First some background... I am a hard worker (I know aren't we all)...but really I am. I am motivated to always do a good job. Throughout my career I have always ensured that any and all tasks are ...
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How to handle a workplace bully who often degrades others work?

I work in a small software team. we have this one brilliant programmer who has an opinion about everything. He often comes around looks at the peers' code and make rude comments like "what kind ...
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A coworker is asking me to stop sharing links from Bloomberg because he thinks it risks our business. Is he right?

I work in a tech company and we recently joined an incubator along with many other companies. We use slack for communication purposes. I shared a link from an article in Bloomberg's website in the #...
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How to improve self confidence?

At times I really struggle with my self-confidence, which in my management role (first role) can affect my performance from not being able to make decisions confidently from self-doubt or undervaluing ...
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