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For questions pertaining to information that should not be revealed to unauthorized persons, within or outside the company. Examples include salaries, computer passwords, trade secrets, customer information, employees' personal information.

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Is it unethical to show a letter to someone the sender does not know?

I recently recieved a letter about a personnel problem, I want to show this to a friend who might be able to advise me on response, is this unethical? The sender does not know about me doing this, and ...
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PTO leave or off duty

Is it ok for a supervisor to announce online that a person will be off duty or on PTO to other employees? I feel like it’s no one’s business besides me and said supervisor
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Interviewer complained that I was taking notes

Someone I knew from school is starting a company. I connected with him over a video call for an informal interview. At the end, he said he could see the reflection on my face from when I switched ...
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Breach of confidentiality [closed]

If I’ve told my manager that my partner is pregnant and they tell other members of staff that she’s pregnant is it a breach of confidentiality or not
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I was fired because salary be leaked, could I still do anything now

Someone checked my salary slip when I am not in my seat (and I forgot to lock the screen). After that, he share what he read to my manager, and my manager hate me because he think my salary is nearly ...
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How to reply to (what I consider) personal questions asked by recruiter I just met over LinkedIn?

I graduated a couple years ago from university with my degree in tech. I have had a lot of trouble finding a full time, permanent position that uses my degree. Recently I had a recruiter contact me ...
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After completing a contract they are asking me to shred hundreds of pages worth of documents. Should I ask to be paid or take it to pros?

I work for a contracting agency. I was given a large amount of special papers/documents for a recent assignment. I'm estimating there are hundreds of pages. Now that the job is over my boss has asked ...
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I forwarded confidential email to the recipient without informing the boss . What action could my boss can take against me?

I work for an Indian startup. I got an email regarding the same confidential project whom I and a colleague ( Let us call X ) and several colleagues were a part of. I, these recipients and X are a ...
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Is a work related Teams chat between two colleagues confidential?

Today a user asked a question in a private team (visible only for colleagues in our department) in MS Teams. This question referred to the rollout of a product. I needed some more information and ...
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What steps must an employer take to keep health information confidential? [closed]

What steps must an employer take to keep health information confidential? This question is mainly legal but for a few reason I thought this site would be better than Where I work ...
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Breach of my Confidentiality

I sent an email exclusively to my HR manager with the subject 'P&C' from my personal email address and after attending a self funded counselling session. The email was about my very personal ...
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On exit interview was told not to say name of company/client I worked for

I was contacted by someone offering me paid work. Call him Bob. Bob has a sole proprietorship, call it X. His only client who he works full time for as a contractor is Y. Y gave him a budget to hire ...
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Is a third and fourth party being sat in on a confidential call with HR and Director - a breach of trust and confidentiality?

I had a zoom call with one of the directors and a HR representative about my return to work after an occupational heath review, which suggested the relationship between myself and management had ...
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Suggestions on information confidentiality

I have recently joined a new job. My new boss along with my old boss planned to file a bid for a project with an industry partner. That is a collaboration between my old boss and new boss was about to ...
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Why do people keep their employment details, such as how much they make, secret? [closed]

After finishing school I had trouble finding work. I applied to a government agency that was supposed to help with the job search. I found they gave me the run around and didn't help much. I managed ...
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How to avoid a company survey that is not anonymous

Our company is conducting a survey on the employees' opinion of going back to work after two months of work from home due to COVID-19. The survey is done via a third-party, but it was stressed at ...
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Company is asking me to forward my full medical records to them for private health insurance

My new company has sent me the insurer forms to fill in for the private health insurance they offer as part of the employee benefits. All costs are covered by the company. The insurance is entirely ...
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How much company information can I reasonable disclose on my resume?

I've signed an NDA. From what I can tell, it's fairly broad and generic. I'm not working on cutting-edge or interesting stuff, so it's probably pretty standard. I can't share the text here. ...
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Is it a good idea to contact a candidate?

About a year ago I resigned from my ex-employer. After my resignation, my ex-employer hired some new people. As the work load in my new company increases continuously, my new employer decided to hire ...
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Defense against HR bully

Today a HR representative (G) made a mistake; she left confidential material in the printer, and someone unknown put it on the desk of the person (P) whose name appears on top of the documents. P went ...
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Breach of confidentiality. How serious is my case? Should I act upon it?

Let's start with the context: I am working in the company which is a child/daughter company to a bigger company. I had a formal complaint raised against me by my co-worker. Grievance investigation has ...
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Asked to sign a confidentiality and non-compete contract, after working here 10+ years; how should I approach this?

Is it normal to have a generic Intellectual Property agreement without specifically naming out what is considered to be IP/Confidential? After working as a web developer and then as a manager for ...
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Confidentiality broken?? Major UK employer [closed]

I work a for a very well known unique boating company in the south of the UK. Our team leader recently had a grievance put in against him and we had to give statements on his attitude etc, then we ...
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My boss told people I am pregnant without my permission

I work at a daycare, and because Fifth disease was going around, I had to disclose to my boss that I am very newly pregnant (Fifth disease can be dangerous in the early stages of pregnancy). This ...
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Is leaking information ever acceptable if it may affect somebody elses professional career? [closed]

Complete re-edit to avoid speculation: An employee lied to a new customer completely behind the back of the PM/leads/management that he/she was not being allocated (he/she actually was 100% ...
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Should I have shared a document with a former employee?

My deputy manager who left 3 months ago is asking for a document that was shared with me and my team after they left, but they were part of the meetings that led to the preparation of that document. I ...
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Sending a photo of my bank account card to the future employer

I accepted a job offer for a student support position in a major bank in Austria. As expected, they require me to send some documentation before I start working there. What surprised me is that they ...
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How do I report an employee who is compromising security of employees and clients?

I work as a software developer on a team of 4 people for a community outreach organization. The network security is poor but upper management is aware of it, and we're planning to switch to a better ...
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Afraid of confidentiality agreement; will I be breaking it? [closed]

I signed a confidentiality agreement with a company that was for an unpaid "job". I quit with them and now had some innovative ideas I had to share with them on past projects I couldn't do before. ...
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I was mistakenly sent coworkers' salary information

I asked for a document and was inadvertently sent my information - along with the rest of my coworkers and my managers. It’s everyone's salary and commission structure, so I was rather surprised that ...
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Should I report a leak of confidential HR information?

I found that an employee who is no longer with us uploaded a giant Excel file containing HR information into Slack. The file is available to anyone in our Slack and contains names of all current and ...
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My boss requested medical information about a family member

I've been out of the office for 3 days and will be returning the day after tomorrow. The reason I have been out is to watch over my uncle with a serious illness. My aunt is out of town, but is coming ...
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How are confidentiality agreements interpreted/enforced, where the employees primary marketable skill is know-how?

I have recently seen a very "light-weight" contract from a respectable company where the confidentiality clause essentially stated that the employee was subject to confidentiality with regard to ...
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Is it a breach of confidentiality for a UK manager to tell others of my resignation?

I resigned in writing from my position yesterday afternoon and have been working away from the office and my colleagues today. I received a message today from a colleague saying they are sorry to hear ...
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Quitting employee has privileged access to critical information

A colleague of mine had some very privileged access to sensitive information, that was kept in remote machines with no internet access whose files could not be copied to local machines. He quit the ...
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Called into a meeting and told we are being made redundant (laid off) and "not to share outside". Can I tell my partner?

As title. Just been told we are being laid off, and asked to keep it confidential from anyone outside this room. They sent us home "to absorb the news". Is it really the case that we cannot tell ...
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How to get a job using a particular technology based on my experience at current company, but use of it in current project is confidential

I've worked for this company for 5 years. For the first 3.5 years I was recruited for, and worked with, a team doing "Technology X" which is well established at the company and in the industry. For ...
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Asked to disclose employment, but it's non-public

Some time ago, I was asked in a job application to disclose whether I was at the time employed by a certain entity. Yes I was. It was critical that it not be known publicly that I was working on a ...
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HR Process gone wrong - threats of releasing company view of the situation to people outside the company

A friend of mine applied at a small company, the CEO being a more or less well known figure in a moderately sized field of experts. The hiring process stalled, and there were errors on both sides, and ...
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The kind of safe a large company uses for important documents [closed]

Wondering what a larger company with resources uses to store important potentially confidential documents. Or what is recommended as best practices if most companies don't typically adhere to them. ...
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What to do after an employee leaked our algorithm? [closed]

One of my company's internally developed algorithms was published online. It's a complex algorithm that took years to develop, I have a pretty good idea of which employee leaked it based on the team ...
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HIPAA Violations [closed]

I know it is bad for a non-medical HR person or supervisor to give out personal or medical information about an associate, but is it actually a violation of the HIPAA law in the US? I know that HIPAA ...
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Employer spoke about my previous medical leave, have they breached my confidentiality? [closed]

I got hurt at work and have been on the Workpace Safety & Insurance Board (WISB) as a work injury. When I spoke with WSIB, the representative said that my employer mentioned to them a week medical ...
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How to respond when being asked by my manager about a coworkers plan to leave the company? [closed]

Note: This happened to me several years when working in another company, but a similar event reminded me about this (current workplace) A colleague who I have been working with for more than a year ...
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Colleague posted paperwork on group chat [closed]

My colleague posted a photograph of all the paperwork he'd been left to do to our work's group chat. He is now in major trouble with our supervisor because the paperwork had confidential information ...
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May a recently terminated employee share their dismissal letter with others? [closed]

Suppose a recently terminated employee wants to show others a copy of his or her dismissal letter. For example, the reasons given in the letter might be of interest to other employees, or to ...
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Providing work sample to prospect employer from prior employer decades ago

I am interviewing for a business development (BD) role and I was an Electronics/Software Engineer before. The prospective employer notes that most of my recent experience is not relevant (teaching) ...
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Conflict of interest between current and former employer

I recently started working for Company A. One of Company A's suppliers (Company B) employed me for about 5 years but suddenly laid me off around the beginning of this year; my position was eliminated ...
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Why the strict confidentiality clause in a severance agreement? [closed]

I've just left a job, and I am considering the severance agreement offered by the company. If I sign the agreement, I would get another two weeks' salary, on top of the two weeks' salary they have ...
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Confidentiality as a Sub-Sub-Sub-Contractor

I'm a programmer. I work for a small contracting company that indirectly does contract work for a very large company. I was recently contacted by a recruitment company about a position at the very ...
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