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Questions tagged [conflict]

Questions relating to disagreement or arguments between two parties

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When asking someone to stop doing something annoying how should I do it? [duplicate]

Some people I work close to but not actually with, do things on a regular basis that irritate me. I'm sure they don't know it irritates me and I'm going to talk to them about it. What I'm not sure is ...
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How do companies handle 'he-said she-said' situations with no objective evidence either way?

Recently, a co-worker of mine claimed to my supervisor that while I was on a forklift and relocating pallets, I pushed a pallet and hit her with it twice throughout the day. I told my supervisor that ...
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How to ask boss to not use profane expressions

I find some of the things my boss and coworkers say slightly offensive. For example my boss was talking about facebook apps asking for permission and he said "they ask 'do you want us to take your ...
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Conflict of Interest in the Hiring Process [closed]

I work at Big 5 Sporting Goods. I want to work at Foot Locker. I went in for the interview at Foot Locker and told them that I work at Big 5 but am willing to quit if I was hired at Foot Locker. The ...
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How do I prepare for a meeting with a senior manager about a conflict with my manager?

I have spent all my professional life working as developer (not very long, like 5 years) and during that time I have been a hard working person (or at least I consider myself). My previous boss and I ...
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What should I disclose about second jobs or additional sources of income when my employer asks?

My employer is requiring me to fill out a "Disclosure Form" which provides them with information such as additional sources of income (such as investments) and other employment. I feel this is a ...
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How should we handle 'Jak' who takes credit for others' work and ideas? [closed]

PM rejects ideas then brings them back later as his own The situation is me and my colleague, say 'Jak', report to the same manager, 'Dom', but 'Jak' has the title of project manager. I am more into ...
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How can I work with a client who gives ambiguous directions but refuses to clarify--and is just more adamant that I follow his instructions?

I'm working on an assignment that my client thinks should have taken me twenty minutes... for one day and counting. He gave me ambiguous instructions, and when I said, "What do you mean by saying ...
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How can I professionally resolve a work conflict with my teammate?

I overheard my coworker (entry-level but very intelligent and articulate), "Jane", tell a group of my peers that she thought I was unqualified to be a senior developer in our team. I strongly believe ...
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Confronting my manager for his dishonesty

I'm a sys admin in a pretty respectable company that does everything from infrastructure to web site hosting to software development. I have been wanting to move into programming for some time, but ...
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Having conflict with my own manager

So here is the scene: My manager got hired in my company 2 months ago (full time). Before that he came here as a consultant. The company he came from, I used to work over there until I got laid off. ...
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How do I avoid sounding arrogant when sharing knowledge with a superior?

I'm fairly young in my career, and thus hold a bottom-of-the-totem position on my team. However, thanks to the rapid development of the industry, my recent education has introduced me to theories and "...
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How to deal with insensitive humor in the office?

Maybe I should just let this go, but I'm finding that difficult. A co-worker made what he considered to be a joking statement about people with a certain disease. I contradicted the statement, but ...
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My boss slapped me over a calculation error [closed]

My boss slapped me because My Excel file had a calculational error. I fixed the error and saved the file to the network. If I complain, I guess I will just get fired. But I don't want to work for ...
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Coworkers slapped me for jokingly suggesting them to kiss. How should I proceed when they deny the incident? [closed]

We arrived back at the office from a work party. A guy hugged a young woman, who was drunk. I joked about how drunk she was and joked that he should kiss her. She slapped me for this remark. Then the ...
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