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How to apologize for sending wrong phone number?

I have embarked on a woodworking project and wanted to send my supervisor my contact details by email. I didn't hear back from her for a couple days upon which I inquired about the next steps again ...
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Would it be OK/kind to send more than one reminder emails to a recruiter in Germany?

The scenario is something like this. Sent an email, sent a reminder email after it, got reply email after reminder email, sent reply to it. Now I am waiting for a reply again, would it be kind to send ...
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Job searching. How to contact company to ask more information about the job description?

I found this company that advertises a team lead position in a software development team. It says they are looking for a person "to lead a team of developers in developing products for their ...
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Would a HR be displeased if I give her work phone number to my close friend who is keen to apply for a job? [closed]

From last December to January, I interned at a MNC. That company is currently recruiting some roles. My friend is keen to applying for a particular role X, so I gave the HR's contacts details (work ...
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Reaching Out on LinkedIn

I have two acquaintances, whom I have met under very different circumstances, and years ago we connected on LinkedIn. However, both of them (and myself) have ended up working in very similar roles, ...
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How to effectively email someone to learn about a company I'm considering applying for?

I found a developer on Stack Overflow whose profile lists his email and says to get in touch. He works for a company that I'm considering applying for, and I want to get a feel for what kinds of ...
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Confused about purpose of contact information in "employment history" section of application

Background: Recently laid off from current job; fortunately have plenty of great references from my current place, but am on the job hunt now. I've come across a couple applications that have a format ...
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Maintaining contact with potential employer

About a week ago I received a screening questionnaire email from a company I am looking to work for. After filling out the questionnaire, I've since heard nothing from the company, and I'm not sure if ...
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How to pass candidates my contact information if I'm not issued a business card

Recently I had to conduct a technical job interview for an opening at our company. At the end of the interview, I thanked the candidate for their time and told them they were welcome to send me an ...
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Why Would A Recruiter Ask To Remove Contact Details From My CV/Resume?

So I'm looking for potential jobs, I got in contact with an agency and they came back with 5 ideal positions and another 5 a few days later (my job role is in-demand right now) so I sent them my CV ...
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