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I'm currently going for a major in human computer interaction. Would anybody say that bootcamp is necessary after college? [closed]

I'm well aware of the importance of learning the software as well as the soft skills needed to become a ux designer, however I'm not sure if bootcamp or obtaining something like the google ux ...
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What all is covered under the term employment particulars? [closed]

Don't know if this question belongs on this site, but I'll still post anyway... I am currently employed and looking for higher education opportunities. One of the universities where I am applying has ...
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How to motivate staff to attend a paid certification course in their off hours?

Context We live in a small south American, third-world country where quality education is scarce and really costly. Also, the minimum wage is around $385 a month. The situation I’m a new employee (...
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Educational Materials with Continued Education

Long story short I decided to continue my education and pay for it myself after watching upper management repeatedly gripe about how SHE (not the company) paid for a disliked coworker's degree. We ...
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After ten years of ad-hoc coding, what steps can I take to formally learn computer programming?

I have a slightly different issue I am running up against than it seems most people on this site usually address. Initially, right after graduating with a Master's in Economics (2010), I joined a ...
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Would you attach a certification to a application, when the certification is older than a few years?

Some IT-certifications, like e.g. the certifications by Cisco or CompTIA, expire after three years. Other certifications (e.g. Microsoft) have no expiration-date and are valid lifelong, once they are ...
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I'm in isolation - How can I prove that I can code without leaving the house or paying much money?

This is a shot in the dark, but I'm hoping for the best. My situation is as follows: I have a Master's degree in mathematics and have been trying my best to get a statistics job, or better yet, data ...
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Question about becoming a full stack developer [closed]

I’m currently set to graduate with my bachelors in software development in August. I feel like I am completely ill prepared for a job. So I have been looking into how to hone my skills and came across ...
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Affordable path to getting a degree online related to web dev? [closed]

I have a lot of skills in web development but without having a degree it's been difficult to get a web dev job. Pretty sure I've got a ceiling in my current job making about 50k (basically a data ...
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Is continuing professional development (CPD) available to software developers?

Trying to keep the overall question + answers applicable to anyone in Software, but advice RE my specific points at the bottom would be amazing! A little backstory I left college in July at 18, and ...
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Do people actually list the name of the school (within a university) on their resume? [closed]

I came across this blog post about the Harvard Extension School which says Every student and alumnus at Harvard identifies with the school he or she is affiliated with. And, like it or not, “...
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Effectively Asking manager for support on continuing education

My company has a policy of funding for continuing education and I was wondering what would be the best way to convince my manager to take a course which I really like to take? It has a lot of impact ...
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Should I tell my boss I'm starting graduate school?

I've been accepted and have enrolled in my first semester in graduate school. Should I inform my boss or coworkers that I have done so? My worst fear is that it somehow gets out that I'm trying to ...
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Points to consider when taking an accredited course through work [closed]

What things do I need to consider when taking an accredited course through work? My employer is offering me the opportunity to take an accredited course that they will pay for. I would love to take ...
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How do I go about requesting time off for higher education studies whilst in full time employment?

I've recently started as a project engineering for a global company. Through various discussions with line managers, colleagues etc. it's been recommended to me that I should propose studying for an ...
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How soon should I communicate to my employer I am looking into pursuing a doctorate? [duplicate]

I'm working as a software developer in a company doing product R&D consulting. I've been here for 10 months and it's my first full-time job after graduating with a Masters last year. For various ...
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online education and applying for new job [closed]

Right now I have two completed diplomas in my field: a 2 year diploma, and a 3 years advanced diploma. I'm also taking online courses to complete a Bachelor of Computer Science. It will take another ...
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How to educate peers on quality practices for new technologies?

I'm on a team that owns most of the core libraries for one of my company's platforms. We are also responsible for educating other teams when they first start developing microservices for that ...
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