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Questions tagged [contracting]

Questions related to the act of being a contractor up to and including the projects one is working on and the contract one is bound by

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No-Apply instant jobs/tasks? [closed]

I wonder wether there is a platfrom where somekind of "no-apply instant jobs" are offered. By that I mean somekind of task (for example in software devolpment) that is posted by a client, ...
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Is this gross misconduct?

I left a role in 2017 but due to a resignation before I left I asked the director if I can put it down as a contract. He said I could as I was advised by a career advisor. I am based in a country ...
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I didn't return company assets, now what?

TLDR My contract was abruptly ended, I didn't return their laptops. The long version: I was working as an IT consultant for one of the largest consulting firms in North America when Covid-19 hit. The ...
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How can I receive payments from a US company as a UK resident for a project?

I have a friend in the US who owns a company, and he wants me to make an app for him. The arrangement would be a monthly fee until the app is done, and a lump sum at the end. I'm almost certain this ...
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Can I publically share code on Github for a website created for a company [closed]

I've been asked to create a website (shop-front) for a local company, now that it's done they have allowed me to share a link to my personal portfolio. The repository is currently private, but if ...
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Recruiter dodged my emails to rush through a contract-renewal that I wanted to renegotiate

For two years I've been working for a single corporate client through a recruiter, via a one-year contract that was renewed once. The end-date of the second contract was this week, and I wanted to ...
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Contract being given to a new prime: do I try and negotiate?

Background: SE, work for a government office somewhere in the USA, not in an area with a ton of other employers for SEs. My background makes me very suited for government work. I was hired as a ...
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Should I ask for another raise a month since the last one?

I work entry technical support for a contracting company for a much larger well-known corporation. I was hired back in December 2020 to do the graveyard shift. I have experience in this position as I ...
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Contract changed without permission

Before I state my question I would like to say that I'm not requesting legal advice. I've already reached out to a law firm regarding possible legal options. I work through a contract agency as a ...
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Disclosure of other employment

A friend I used to work for at a very small company reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to help them solve critical bugs and defects in an old application that they use and support. They ...
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How to represent recurring fixed-term contracts

For the last 3 years, I have taught in an engineering school, usually between September and March. It is legally sealed with a fixed-term contract (as a regular employee contract, not as freelancer). ...
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How can I work simultaneously for more than one employer?

I am offered full time permanent contracts from three employers. Due to experience in the tasks of these jobs, I am confident I can fulfill all of them each day (by working around 12-14h per day). ...
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First time contractor

Context: I am very new to contracting work in the US and started a couple of months ago. I felt pressured to accept a job where the pay was very low due to difficulties finding employment during the ...
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Retracting employment after accepting offer

I accepted an at-will contract offer with Company X, and before the employment start date I interviewed with and received a job offer from Company Y. I prefer the offer from Company Y and I intend to ...
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As a freelancer, how do I handle a client not responding when I want to discuss future availability?

I have started as a freelancer a couple of months ago (as from July) in the data management area. I thought that I found my luck when my ex-employer (a consultancy company) proposed a contract to keep ...
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Staffing agency says I won't get paid to pick up equipment required by client. Should I push back?

I just got placed through a staffing agency, in the state of California. I'm expected to drive to a client's location and pick up some equipment to use to work from home for the duration of the ...
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Having to train someone 'by the back door' as a contractor

I'm a contractor (UK) who's been with a client a couple of year. I'm the only, and very experienced, software developer on a particular high profile project. The client has hired someone new to ...
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Former client/employer owes me (a contractor) money, reluctant to pay

I've found myself in a situation I've never really dealt with before. I used to work for a small startup in Hungary, as a contractor. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit, and in early April, the company ...
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What are my rights regarding IP (in UK) when there was no written contract and business never paid fully for the code

Hope you will be able to help me here. I do not really know if this is the correct place to ask such questions. In 2014 I started to work for a certain company – the setup was that I was hired by my ...
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Software company I contract for is unreponsive to my requests for feedback

I work remotely as a software engineering contractor. I believe, and have been told, that I made valuable contributions during my time with the company. However my work for the past three months ...
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Is it normal for an EU contractors to be put on the recruitment company's payroll instead of the end customer's?

I have recently started receiving calls from recruiters in Switzerland, so I am not overly familiar with the recruitment processes and practices in that particular country and this might be absolutely ...
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How to evaluate business-to-government startup as prospective employee

I received a job offer from a research and development startup whose revenue stream comes from government contracting for defense and intelligence agencies. I am not familiar with business-to-...
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Learned Professional Exemption as an Hourly Employee

I'm working as a contract engineer for a staffing company, and I'm contracted full-time to an engineering consultancy. I'm listed as an exempt employee on my offer letter, but I don't know if I ...
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When should a company hire developers versus outsourcing them?

I am trying to create a web and mobile application. But I am confused between hiring developers or just outsourcing the project. Some people say it's better to outsource your project, but when I ...
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Why does it seem like companies are biased against Corp-to-Corp (C2C) contractors?

I am in Maryland, USA, and have worked as a consultant for close to two decades. Switching to C2C seems to be difficult and yet so many other companies are doing it. I don’t understand what I am ...
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Invoices (owed to me) always late; also late on deliverables (me to them); past monies disputes; being strongarmed

Let me expand on the title as it is directly relevant: I am 26 and this is my first contracting experience, being contracted by this company. The only stipulation is $70 an hour. This is in Australia,...
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Can/Should I apply to client directly after agency failed to negotiate salary with client?

Some agency found me on linkedin and sent me job offer with a fixed rate of £380/day. Upon receiving specifics about the job, I sent my CV and they said they forwarded it to the client. The guy that ...
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Does $90 / hr convert to 145k salary? [closed]

I received an offer for $90 / hour as a full time 1099 contractor for 40 hours a week with zero benefits based in the US (Bay Area) that would convert to full time w2 salary with health / vacation ...
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Client mis-managing my (contractor) work

I'm a newly-minted (~1yr) contractor, providing specialist technical services (Machine Learning). I am on my second job; first one was great (more on that below) and in fact they referred me on to my ...
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How can I become a contractor for a company I already work for full-time?

I am kind of an odd position where I am looking for supplemental income, it isn't that I am not being paid enough, but rather I am trying to better prepare for the future, and prepare for a debt free ...
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Contract of application migration project (i.e. build software application for another OS) [closed]

I've been approached by a company and they told me that they have a application migration/porting project (i.e. building application source written for one operating system, for another operating ...
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My shift got cancelled, someone wants to explain the reason by phone; how should I take it?

I work for a few different marketing agencies. They get contracts with different clients to promote their products in retail stores. For a month I had been scheduled to work a particular shift that I ...
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Is it possible to resign from a contract to hire position? [closed]

Is it possible to resign from a contract-to-hire position before the contract expires ?
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Differential Noticeperiod issue

I have had a Limited company UK contract, with an Agency and worked at their end-client. After working for a few months, my role was suddenly terminated by the client (i.e. the end client, no reason ...
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Starting software development contracting [closed]

I am going to start software development contracting after more than 5 years as a perm in London. I want to contract via ltd company. I don't know where to start. Should I open a ltd company and a ...
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Long notice period for fixed term contract; is it appropriate? [closed]

I am evaluating the first employment contract in the UK for a mid senior position as a software and algorithm developer. They offered me a fixed-term contract for 3 years with a 3 months period notice....
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Is it normal to have a staggered rate contract with $0/hr at one level?

My contracting rate is a similar structure to the following (with the numbers changed): $10/hr for less than 24 hours $8/hr for 24 hours or longer I have been talking with a client about some work ...
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Released my first web application and I got a job offer to do contracting work. I dont know what to do [closed]

I am a system administrator by trade, but I want to move in to web development. I started learning on my spare time and I released my first personal project and have gotten positive feedback and an ...
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What do you call this type of contractor?

When I google "software contracting" I find that it often refers to developers who are working on fixed-price contracts ie building an app or website for someone at a price. But where I live, most of ...
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If I accept job offer from client, would it make it awkward with coworkers from current contractor? [closed]

I was recently offered a position with a client that I contract for. They said they would match my salary and give me their benefits, which are presumably better since they are government-ish. The job ...
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App startup founder wants my help to solve urgent software engineering problem affecting considerable percent of users - says will give a token sum [closed]

App startup founder wants my help to solve urgent software engineering problem that affects a considerable percentage of users - Says will give a token sum. It is a problem that the founder's in-...
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Should I end contact with a employment agency if I have a tentative offer from the same target company?

I was contacted for contract work by a employment agency for a position for a company I really wanted to work for as a full time employee; the agency offered a contract role for 12 months. However, ...
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Legal obligation for agents to report contractor NI numbers to HMRC [closed]

I have been offered a six month contract, as a PSC (personal services company). The recruiter has asked for my NI number, to which I responded "Do one". However, they insisted that they have a legal ...
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How to negotiate contract extension to 3 months without disclosing reason?

I recently started contracting as a software developer. After some difficulty I have signed my first contract which is due to start soon, for an initial 3 months. I have decided that in another 6-7 ...
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How to renegotiate permanent job into a contract

I have been working with a company for less then a year as a permanent employee, I'm on a good salary and have passed my probation period. They have lots of projects going on and they already hired a ...
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My boss gave me an end date for my job- but he wants a very complex project done before then

I've been working as a software engineer contractor for the last year and a half, at a company that has been promising to onboard me as a full employee for over seven months. However, I was recently ...
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As a contractor should I bill my hours even if there's no work?

I have a contract with a fairly large company doing a specialized task. The contract states I will work a maximum of 10 hours a week for 8 months. Because of this, I have allocated 10 hours a week of ...
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Is it acceptable/appropriate to cut a contract short to take a vacation?

I'm currently on a six-month contract and there is a cruise I would like to go on that overlaps with the final days of my contract. I can see a pro and a con to asking for this. Pro: Taking a ...
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Doing independent contracting during vacation time [closed]

I've had my first full-time job for almost 3 months when I got an opportunity to teach a 2-week course for another company on a technology that my current company is about to start using next year. ...
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As an outsourced employee, is it reasonable to ask for benefits that regular employees have on business trips?

I work for company A. My company outsources 10-15 people (including myself) to company B. I go to a business trip to a foreign country as the only person from company A (there are a few people from ...
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