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While serving notice period, an offer was given and revoked. What now?

I work in an IT firm in India. I have been serving notice since January 25 to my current organization. Two days ago, they gave me a generous offer and I revoked my notice period based on that. Please ...
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Accept less desired offer or wait for desired offer? Stall? [closed]

Undergraduate summer internships, engineering, US. Company A After two interviews over a period of two weeks, on Thursday company A extended an offer to me. I asked them when they needed a decision, ...
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What are the questions to ask a pre-seed start-up in order to understand the value of the offered equity?

A start-up with pre-seed closing round average of 5 days is to soon begin its fourth and final pre-seed round @ $15M evaluation, up from a current $12M. Planned for Q2 of next year is a first Seed ...
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How can I politely decline a counteroffer without burning bridges when management refuses to accept/delays resignation?

I am going to resign from my firm today. It has been a through and through poor experience w.r.t growth, where the firm is at multiple times knowingly acted in bad faith. For this reason I do not wish ...
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Got offer letter with letterhead 9/13, submitted counter offer two days later, no reply since. How to followup?

I've been speaking to the hiring manager since the beginning since their recruiter was too busy, and it's been great. She has a great understanding of my background and where I want to go. She ...
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Accepted a job offer but is it too late to consider a counter-offer?

I have been struggling with a decision between two new job offers that I received on the same day. Option A is a comms agency working for a client that I wanted to work in the future. (Star client ...
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How to handle a surprising counter offer

I have recently been in the job market (I work in software development), and have been offered a new position with a 50% pay increase. I have been at my current organization for 5 years, and have been ...
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Ask for fixed-term contract when declining a permanent contract

I am a graduate student looking for a job. Thus far, I have gotten two offers. One starts in a few months and the other in a few days. I would like to take the offer which starts in a few months. At ...
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Boss offered pay raise to retain me. I'm about to resign. How do I turn down the offer?

Over the last 3 weeks, I've been preparing myself to leave my current job. I've already done my interviews and I'm on the verge of accepting an offer to become technical lead at my new employer. My ...
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Turning down second offer?

Here is my situation. I’m currently an hourly employee with no benefits hired with company A. It was supposed to be a temporary job ending in month 3 but I’m now 6 months in with my hourly rate ...
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Team member resigned trying to get counter offer

I am managing a team and I have a new member in my team. She has been with us less than a year. Policy in the company doesn't allow raises before finishing the first year of employment. I told her ...
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