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4 answers

How to deal with Hostile Work Environment after attending Employee Workshop

I recently started a job at a medium-large corporate HQ. I don't think the job or industry are relevant as this is more about the confusion I have with workplace politics. The job is in the USA and I ...
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24 votes
9 answers

How to politely return an expensive gift from a coworker?

One of my team members gave me an expensive gift before the Christmas break as a thank you for something that I did for him earlier in the year. I feel it's way over the top and would like to give it ...
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Is it likely to get fired / don't get hired when you wore black face in the United States? [closed]

A little background for clarity: I live in central Europe and talked with a friend about blackface. It is quite common in the Netherlands and Germany to darken your skin if you play the Biblical Magi. ...
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9 votes
7 answers

How to deal with Coworker Leering at another

I work in a small company (one big office), and I am the employee that everyone goes to to solve their issue (I have been working in this company the longest). The manager of the company is overseas, ...
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2 answers

Cultural fit thing [closed]

I am not a complete nerd, maybe 60% nerd, but most of the companies I apply have complete nerds. Do I need to be a total nerd to work smoothly in a company, how important is cultural fit for ...
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10 votes
3 answers

What is an acceptable way for an American to apologize to a Korean coworker after critizing them in front of other coworkers?

Imagine you work in a United States office where some employees are from the USA and others from Korea. What is an acceptable way for an American employee to apologize to a Korean employee when the ...
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6 answers

What to tell the senior staff about dietary restrictions of my team, for a welcome party?

I manage a team in which some people have dietary restrictions, religious and cultural. These people are new to my team. I am located in France. Senior management is planning a party for the ...
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2 answers

How do I get along with different cultures in work environment [closed]

How do I get along (quickly even the minimum) with different cultures in work environment, while communication is a big constraint and colleges are open to differences. The problem is that I find the ...
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What kind of roles/line of work value ability to take criticism and maintain a level head with high cultural awareness? [closed]

According to I'm really good at those. So in my scoping out where I could add value, I'd be really interested in roles that emphasise those soft skills over social skills, as I'm much more ...
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11 votes
3 answers

Is there anything specific I should be aware of when interviewing with an female Indian interviewer?

I'm a US citizen living in the US, interviewing for a software development position in Washington, USA. My initial phone interview tomorrow will be with a female hiring manager located in India. I'm ...
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11 answers

Talking to colleague with short skirt - how do I not come off as a creep?

So, today a colleague of mine from Marketing came by my desk to ask for some input with regards to technical information about our products. This is not our first conversation - the previous ones have ...
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Is the term "tribal knowledge" considered culturally insensitive? [closed]

This term is common in English-speaking workplaces. I'm not sure if there is an equivalent term in other languages. Given the derivation of the term itself, is this term entering the realm of cultural ...
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