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How can you deal with time stealers?

I had a hard time formulating my question right. The company I work for makes a software on which we provide support. When something doesn't work our customers call us and we help them make it work. ...
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Is it okay to fix the spelling in the subject of an email I am responding to?

Every once in a while, I will get an email from a customer that includes a misspelt version of the name of my employer in the subject. Sometimes, the misspellings are very creative. These emails ...
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How to handle a client telling you about future plans and asking you to (temporarily) keep them secret from your hierarchy?

(This is in a B2B context, so "client" here means a company's representative.) I have a very good working relationship with my client, even if we've been working together only for about a ...
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Small software inaccuracy may induce cascade of unfounded complaints - should I acknowledge the situation and communicate it back?

As a software developer I have observed that small software inaccuracy/inaccuracies (bug, but small and quite hard to define and understand from the user point of view) (that may sometimes happen) may ...
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Interview task: Find a potential customer who is interested in a product

I had an interview with an employer working on a software-based vehicle solution. Before going further in the interview process, he gave me a task to find out if a potential customer (automotive OEMs) ...
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Is it reasonable to apologise on behalf of my department for a mistake when I don't feel I should?

So I do admin work for a government organisation. This guy from another organisation got in touch on Monday to request a document that they should have received a year ago, but it doesn't look like it ...
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Customer wants me to fix support requests in real time

I work in a support role for one of our products. We have B2B customers and frequently they will contact me with issues. When a request comes in, I let them know I'm troubleshooting and will give them ...
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How do I deal or tell my boss to deal with a very RUDE customer?

For background I am in the US. We have a big contract with a very large US company and this company we deal with has a lot of different personnel on their team where we are writing their software for ...
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Client doesn't want to pay a project because I used a code generator

The whole situation seems bullshit to me, but I want a second opinion because it's going too far. A bit of context... I'm a freelancer, I write in VBA or c#. 75% of the projects are microprojects in ...
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Client constantly submits tickets; how can support deal with this?

Some context: I'm a jr. software dev from a medium sized IT company in Mexico, we provide software as a service (desktop apps and web pages) to our customers, a lot of these were made before I started ...
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How to reply to a client who has fixed the problem themselves?

I am trying to reply to a client who figured out and fixed the problem by themselves. I would like to appreciate the client in the e-mail. Any suggestions?
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How to gracefully refuse customer request?

We are a small team of developers making and maintaining a software product with a high number of users. We are also in direct contact with users who ask us many requests about the product. We ...
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Multi-level marketing scheme claims to be a partner of my employer

A multi-level marketing company / pyramid scheme claims to be "a partner" of various well-known car manufacturers on their website, including my employer. Employees of the MLM company are given ...
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Is it illegal to deny or charge customers for receipts? [closed]

I've had an unfortunate experience with a passive aggressive secretary who initially demanded payment when I presented her with a request for a digital record of my invoice/receipt history. I promptly ...
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How to manage multiple groups of players in an escape game center? [closed]

My challenge I work in an escape game center where 1 hour play sessions follow one another. I have a big concern: I do not want the previous group of players (let's call it group 1) to meet the next ...
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Customer is offering me to switch to his company

I'm working at an IT service provider. The job is fine, and I would consider my payment as quite good. In the past months I have been mainly working for a single customer. By my colleagues and ...
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How do we improve collaboration with problematic tester team? [closed]

I am a senior developer in an IT consultancy company. The projects I work for are for a customer that from last year uses a test factory in another country: all manual tests, functional tests, ...
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Applying for a job with my customer when there is an NDA?

My employer, "company A", has me on an unjust PIP. I am applying for other jobs. A customer of theirs has an open position which is similar to mine. I have done work for that customer (while at ...
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Customer pays in different currency than invoiced, leaves me with conversion fees [closed]

I generally invoice in Euros, and then accept international wire transfers fees that get deducted in transit. If the customer asks me to quote/invoice in their preferred currency that's fine. In this ...
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How to handle myself with a coworker who keeps requesting too frequent status updates, repeating my tasks completely and in full every day?

There is an employee I work with who is effectively my customer, where the work I do is for the benefit of his department, and he represents his department when communicating to me. He keeps checking ...
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what should be the line of action of the engineer? [closed]

A client believes an engineer's designs are too costly,but the engineer fears that anything less may endanger the public.But the client insists on lowering the cost,what,in your opinion,should be the ...
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Should I break process and deliver to customer, or vice versa? [closed]

I am in a tough situation that keeps coming up over and over again and it's stressful to deal with each time. So I work for department A, A is not a well defined or structured department (we do BA, ...
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Consulting: how to reduce impact of difficult personality of consultant when assigning a new project

I am a technical team lead, and a such the primary contact between customers and consultants when it comes to assigning consultants technically. Recently our customer made me aware that one of our ...
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