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Is an employee responsible for damage to their employer's laptop due to wear and tear? [closed]

The key cap of my employer's laptop popped off. If I report it to my employer, am I responsible for the cost of fixing the damage? I know that large companies have It departments for dealing with ...
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Contractors damaged my property while I was at work

I ride my bike to work daily. Outside our office building, there are multiple rows of bike racks installed. For the last 3 months, there have been contractors doing work around the building, about 50 ...
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Damaged company equipment by accident - company now wants me to sign form

I was given company equipment some time ago to help me with my work. When I received the original equipment I signed nothing. I assumed that this was my equipment to keep - especially due to Covid etc....
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Coworker tells lies and damages reputation

I was promoted to a new position in a new place with a new team three years ago. I was assigned to assist and take over leadership of part of the workload of a coworker. The coworker became jealous. ...
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Am I responsible for replacing my coworkers equipment? [closed]

I work at a big chain dog salon and I was trying to sweep up the dog hair off the floor. While I was trying to sweep away the dog's hair from this girl's station, her clippers (shaver) fell and got ...
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Who should pay for accidental damage to private work equipment?

Several years ago I purchased a mouse with my own money to use for work because I can't stand using a cheap mouse all day. Yesterday, a colleague accidentally spilled my own glass of water over the ...
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My company's laptop got damaged: what should I do?

My company, after a relatively long period of dedicated work, gave me a company laptop for use during smartworking days and at a customer's office. During a holiday trip I left the laptop in my home's ...
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My bike was damaged while I was at work [closed]

I take my bicycle to work every day. There's no bike rack, so I lock it to a fence near the door. Yesterday it was in perfect condition when I arrived, but when I left, the handlebar had become ...
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47 votes
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Employer asks for "guarantor" to compensate damages due to consultant's "breach of the employment contract"

What is meant when a US company asks new employees for a "guarantor" who will pay for damages caused by a breach of employment contract? Does it mean that if an employee resigns after a few months (...
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Who is at fault if drink on desktop ruins electronics? [closed]

My colleague came to me and, while we were talking about a project, he accidentally spilt my 1.5l mineral water directly on my two personal cell phones and some papers. Not a big deal, I jokingly say ...
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Somebody hit my car at the client's carpark

A couple of days ago, I noticed someone had clipped my car in the underground carpark at work. I work as a consultant in the building of a client. The carpark is available only for the client's ...
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What to do if personal property gets damaged by coworkers?

We went on a Team-Building activity this past weekend, payed by the company. There was a swimming pool there and a few of my coworkers thought it would be a good idea to pick people at random and ...
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