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Senior colleague does not delegate and gets passive aggressive/resentful when I don't pick up the task myself, how do I deal with this?

The senior colleague asked if one of us juniors could substitute for them in a task. On this date, nobody was available, so nobody came forward with this question. One day later, this senior colleague ...
65 votes
11 answers

How to avoid having a higher total effort after delegating tasks to the team

In theory, the idea behind having a team of people to do something is that I can delegate some tasks to the team rather than doing everything myself. I work in software development and I regularly ...
7 votes
4 answers

How to handle a situation where someone asks me to delegate tasks to them and then insists on me micromanaging them through the task?

I recently had a situation where a coworker wanted to help me with a project. They asked me to delegate tasks to them, which I did. However, every time I delegate something to them, they'll come back ...
7 votes
4 answers

"Undelegate" tasks from ineffective coworker?

I'm a lead software developer for a team of 4 (including myself). Part of my job is to occasionally delegate development tasks to team members. One of my team members is ineffective and requires a lot ...
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1 answer

Leading a two people project, I feel like the other person isn't pulling their weight or is actively silently quitting or obstructing it

I was put in charge of a non-trivial project that requires me and another medior/senior engineer, I don't think it matters but we are talking about embedded systems. I was explicitly defined as the ...
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Should I accept my supervisor's tasks?

I work in a small data entry company with 10 employees. My responsibility is to check the files completed by the 10 employees. I do it with in-house software and mostly with Microsoft Excel. My ...
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5 answers

How do you control performance in tasks with unquantifiable output?

Let's say you're asking an employee to research the internet for the the best accounting software. Let's say you are giving him some guiding criteria what should be understood by "best". Is ...
7 votes
3 answers

How to break the cycle of being a "load bearing employee" because of no time to cross-train others because of constant deadlines?

Edit: I considered this question (How to protest a deadline that is too short?) as a suggested duplicate, but in my situation there is no realistic way to 'protest' a deadline, since there's no real ...
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6 answers

How to protect myself in unfair environment [closed]

I am a newish programmer (around 3 years of experience). We have a test group of about 1-3 people. So, the apps don't get really tested well AT ALL, e.g. maybe one tester checked the changed page, not ...
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4 answers

Quarterly Teamleader

I have a team of 14 developers and QAs. I am thinking in making some leadership development for them by making confidential election for the team leader of this quarter by following simple rules as ...
58 votes
11 answers

How to handle senior developer shirking his work and giving it to interns instead of doing it?

This is a pretty specific situation. We are two interns working on a project for a few months and we are about to finish our internship. A senior developer has been designated to continue the project ...
5 votes
4 answers

How can I get a team lead to delegate work and support others?

I bought a small company a few months ago and I'm finding that one of the teams is struggling because of the lead. Rather than supporting their team, the lead is automatically taking care of problems ...