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I got promoted then the person I was replacing changed their mind and I got put back in my regular position [closed]

I got promoted with a raise. The person I was replacing had put in their two week notice but then decided not to leave and I was put back in my regular position with less of an raise. I'm real salty ...
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Is it common to demote a new employee due to low salary?

Recently, I was interviewed for a senior position in a well-known company. The interview process was smooth and pleasant but challenging from the technical perspective. In the end, I received an offer ...
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Is this management reorg a demotion?

Yesterday in my regularly scheduled "one on one" meeting with my manager I was ambushed not only by my manager but his manager (a member of the executive team) and an human resources person. ...
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I think I've received an unofficial demotion, how should I raise my concerns?

I'm a senior software engineer that has been working in a small/mid-size company for 3 years. Recently, my team of around 20 people was restructured. This lead to my co-worker (the only person on the ...
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How do I ask for a demotion?

I’m in a management role at a mid-sized company and hate it. My first three years at the company I held a “project manager” role, which I really enjoyed. Nearly two years ago I was promoted to the ...
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How can I avoid an undeserved demotion

So. I've been working for this company for almost a decade. During these years I've been doing all sorts of tasks, basically helping where help was needed. As a result, I now have skills in various ...
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Demoted, how to handle?

In Aug. 2019, I was demoted from Administrative Assistant to Secretary (I kept my pay), I wasn't a "good fit". I've never had a bad review in 15 years, not a blemish on my record, quite the ...
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Refusal of compensation raise / demotion? [closed]

Is there an HR perspective I could ask for by refusing a raise or again requesting a demotion? I was just informed I am being awarded a raise of several thousand dollars. This came as quite a shock as ...
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How to navigate requesting a department transfer with pay decrease through upper management?

This spring I took a position in a new department at my job that came with some specific perks and significantly higher expectations relating to crunch time. Shortly after joining the department, ...
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After company restructuring. how could I assert the type of role I want without risking redundancy?

Question: I have already made it clear verbally what I want in my career and asked to speak in a few weeks' time to discuss this. Apart from job hunting elsewhere, is there anything else I can do?
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Can my employer fire me for notifying them of my unpaid overtime hours?

New boss and department structure at work, they passed me over for promotion and unofficially demoted me by creating new positions above me, taking responsibilities away and pushing me down further ...
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Demoted through no fault of my own. Required to pay company if I leave. Advice? [closed]

I recently took a new management position at a company and up until this week everything was going smoothly. My team was doing well and my manager was happy with my performance and in fact even gave ...
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Is accepting an offer from my previous organization for a lower role than that of my previous one a good choice? [closed]

It has been 5 months since I have joined this company as a data manager, however, within this small duration, there have been many ups and downs. Listing a few In some of our reports, the figures ...
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How to deal with an employee who is requesting a demotion?

It's quite normal for an employee to request a promotion. However, I got an employee who is requesting to be demoted! At first, I thought she is trying to send a message by that action. After a ...
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Co-worker is now managing my team. Does this mean that I'm being demoted?

I work in a mid-size startup (~150 people) in the US. I am a software engineer. My company is doing well, so we're growing rapidly. I'm in a ~15-member engineering team, writing software for the ...
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Is it wise to demote in order to try to work at dream company? [closed]

Let's rule the salary out of the question and assume that one believes that it's worth the hit. It may be the case of a Junior demoting to an Internship or a Senior demoting to a Junior/Normal role. ...
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Omit to list a job demotion on resume. Is it going to impact background check for a new job offer?

I have been extended a job offer and the company is going to process the background check for me. In one of my previous jobs, I was demoted to a senior analyst position from a manager position. ...
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Promoted, Demoted, And Working Under Unreliable Management [closed]

TL;DR: I was hired as a receptionist, with hopes to be promoted. After a year of thriving at the position, I was promoted. Now they are losing the new receptionist, and want to bring me back to my old ...
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went from Executive Assistant to HR adminstrative assistant [closed]

So I was just an executive assistant for the company. Then I got into HR work a year and half ago. I have been with this company since 2005 with a 3 year leave when I had my child. I run all ...
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To leave on the job in spite of the pressure to quit [closed]

I have been on a managerial position for almost 10 years now. I never had perfect relationship with my direct boss while his superiors supported me all the time. I have 2 more years to go before ...
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Is it legal to demote an employee for nepotistic reasons? [closed]

My friend was just demoted, she was in charge of a preschool, with about 4-5 caretakers. A close friend of the lady who owns (inherited) the whole business, (including several other locations,) moved ...
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Demote or fire? [closed]

Say a data scientist has been hired as a product manager, but not does have the project management or leadership skills required for that role (no prior experience in such roles too). Say this person ...
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Asking for a (level) demotion?

I work at a tech company that has numerical levels (as opposed to just "junior" → nothing → "senior") for employees. For the first few levels, you are required to advance to the next level within a ...
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is it normal to never have been promoted?

After having worked for over 30 years in hierarchical businesses, it seems odd that Ive never earned a promotion. Ive been demoted at least 2x by having my responsibilities severely trimmed. For ...
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Need Advice on Changing an Indirect Demotion Into a Role of Leadership

Demotions are tough, especially ones out of the blue. My current manager was a coworker I helped hire. He was promoted without notice to be my team lead a year ago based on being a lead before at his ...
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How can I sell a willing demotion to my management?

Two years ago I received a promotion into a higher level technical role, separated mostly by access to production data and servers. This was not a promotion into a management role. Since then, I have ...
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Can an employer cut an employee's pay on a whim? [closed]

Is it ever appropriate for an employer to force an employee to take a pay cut for performance-related reasons in a technical field, even if the employer relies on subjective evaluations and refuses to ...
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Taking a step back in my workplace [closed]

I have searched for advice about this online but can only find items about changing jobs for a lower position. I have worked at a company for 7 years and i started right at the bottom, switched ...
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Got transfered from one department to another, without any prior notice and on the verge of my promotion

I have been working in a software development company from last five months as a software developer. In my appointment letter it is clearly written over there that I shall get hike on my salary after ...
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Do you have to accept demotion? [closed]

A friend has been a Supervisor for 2 years but was told in 'an informal discussion' with the owners and their lawyer yesterday that she's going to be demoted back to being a cashier as she's not good ...
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politically-driven demotion in public sector

A friend of mine was demoted in his/her job in a government agency. There seems to be no wiggle room to discuss this decision, as it was driven by political rather than performance reasons -- they did ...
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Multiple problems have been caused by my actions. Should I propose my own demotion?

I work as the Technical Lead for development team. I proved myself as a star developer in my team and my manager, very much impressed with my work, promoted me to Tech Lead. I was assigned a new ...
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Will a restructuring that "downgraded" my role look bad on CV - and how to make it look better? [closed]

So, technically speaking I was not demoted, but if I list my titles chronologically, it will appear that I was "downgraded" from manager to assistant team leader. This was due to an internal ...
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Can I save face when I have been humiliated?

I have always been ambitious in my career but I am unsure where this has taken me. I want to be taken seriously, I feel an intense need to retain control (not necessarily over people, just over my ...
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How to react when I am demoted for reasons not related to my performance?

I am a manager with an "above the average" track record and have never heard a complaint in my reviews and 1:1s. I was given a best employee of the company award just last month (global company) and ...
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How to know whether reassignment to different team/project means criticism of my current performance?

I work at my company since three years and have been promoted to manager of the team I started in. I have brought a lot of innovation and efficiency to the team and always received top performance ...
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How can I handle being reassigned to a less desirable position at work?

My company just went through a reorganization, with team members reassigned to different projects. I appear to be the only developer being reassigned a different role, along the lines of "helping the ...
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Being asked to "politely" take a Demotion

I've been working as Director of Software and Chief Software Architect for 2 years with a team of talented developers building a rather complicated piece of code from scratch. We now have 13,000 ...
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