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Will big 4 tell next employer I was put on pip [closed]

Long story short, I underperformed at work and failed a bunch of exams Employed for 6 months Grad scheme Invited to a capability meeting If I am put on PIP, will my next employer find out I was on PIP?...
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How to prevent being unfairly fired and what to do about it

This is a followup from this question: My manager warned me about absences on short notice I was adviced to open a new question. I made a mistake in not telling my boss about an outpatient appointment ...
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Is this gross misconduct?

I left a role in 2017 but due to a resignation before I left I asked the director if I can put it down as a contract. He said I could as I was advised by a career advisor. I am based in a country ...
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Dealing with toxic member on disciplinary action

I am the functional manager of a team with ten people. One of them, who is very highly skilled, has turned very hostile in the last few months towards colleagues and myself. We had a 1:1 three months ...
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Is it common to be dismissed during the probation period?

Recently I started a new job in a publishing company and is serving a 6 month probation period. It is my first job since I graduated 6 months ago. I feel that many people are scrutinizing my work ...
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Should I change a family environment workplace for another one? [closed]

I've been working full-time for over 3 years in a company while if I'd have to count even the scholastic internship's done during my hight school, I'm in that company 6 years. I'm 21 and my role in ...
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Who in the company has the authority to fire someone?

Who has the right to announce the dismissal from work to an employee? If you're a small company of about 20 people and there's a certain hierarchy, does the CEO have to be the one that announces the ...
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Foreigner working in Germany, company wants to terminate me before the notice period ends. How should I handle this?

I have been working in a German start-up company for one year and three months. I come from Asia. My employer has given me a notice of termination at the end of Oct 2020. The notice period was 3 ...
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No true reason for dismissal; how can I find out? [closed]

I was recently formally laid off from an employment position with the reason being that the company did not capitalize enough on my employment. The boss said that he really appreciated my skills and ...
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Alienated by team manager

I currently am going through bad situation. Our manager was laid off and replaced by other manager which is way younger than previous one somewhere around mid 20s. Problem is that I often get ...
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Can an employer dismiss an employee for saying they are considering leaving and might have a formal offer soon?

My wife has been offered a role within the NHS and as part of the process, they wish to contact her current employer for a reference prior to making an unconditional offer, sending the contract, and ...
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Wrongful dismissal due to lack of performance?

I was let go today due to "performance being not of the required standard that the seniority of your role and pay grade dictates." I had been working with the company since 18th December 2019 and ...
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Grounds for unfair dismissal?

I had been working in my position since 18 December 2019, and was sadly let go today (27 May). In my contract it states clearly my probation lasts for three months, however, I had not had a meeting ...
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My Boss/Managing Director Became aggressive towards me, What should I do [closed]

I work as an Employee and around 1 year ago I was promoted to be a Director and shareholder within the business. Last week my boss asked me to call a meeting with the divisional managers he wanted ...
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