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Is it usual to be asked to submit personal IDs in very early stage of an interview process?

After a very quick first technical interview round (basically a form to fill), a company is happy about sending me a link to a platform for the next technical round. Before being able to login, they ...
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Work that I reasonably do without publications post Ph.D (R2 university)?

I'm a fourth year student in an Experimental Psychology Ph.D program with an accepted MA also in Experimental Psychology from a different program. I'm posting here since I'm about to graduate in May ...
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Department is being safety audited so they are making me sign a pile of documents I've never seen before in my several years there

I work in engineering, designing high voltage systems (up to 10kV) with lethal energy behind the voltage. We also work on exposed mains. The company has a spot audit soon, so they have thrusted 20 ...
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Should I censor out my personal information from screen shots?

I am updating the docs for a system. They will be client facing. Part of the task involves taking screen shots of myself using the system. Sometimes my full name and company email address are in the ...
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As per the current trend Employee Bond are still in Demand in India? [closed]

To all HR are employee bonds are still demand or is there any other option to bound employees with the company? I am from IT Service Sector and having private limited company and my team size is ...
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Does HR of my company have an obligation to provide related documents

Just wanted to know, if an HR department has an obligation towards employees. Let's say I need a document of employment generated by HR, needed by a service provider. I am following up with HR for ...
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Adding author information in internal office reports. Is it a good practice?

I am currently in a new contractual job and am writing documentation of the software architecture I have implemented as a part of my work This document will be reviewed by third parties. I was asked ...
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Is there an anti-pattern describing the preference for a new software when the problem is lack of skill or organisation?

I have the feeling that many people tend to turn to a new software instead of trying to master the one available. I am not saying that existing software should not be discarded if it lacks features. ...
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What else can I do in order to encourage colleagues to read what I write?

A common problem in corporate environment is that things such as documentation, reports and emails are usually badly written, and so are rarely read. Usually, I try to do my best at communicating. I ...
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How can I actually get people involved to reduce my bus factor without revealing my intentions to leave?

I am currently applying for new jobs, so I'm planning my exit. And since I am the subject matter expert for an entire tech product, I've been doing my best to create as much documentation as I can to ...
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How can I persuade my boss for better programming documentation?

I have been at my job for a couple of years now. I was brought on at a novice stage of the programming team, where it began to be officially recognized by the company, then quickly and largely ...
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5 answers

Define responsibilities on a peer-to-peer level

I work in an agile environment. People have a lot of intrinsic motivation, but something is missing. It is not clear who is responsible for what. One part of my job (I have chosen this task. Noone ...
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Company is asking for my documents, salary slip etc but not told me status of my application yet

I was interviewed by a company through 3rd party (Elitmus job portal) after 2 days I checked my status on Elitmus as "Not selected". Now after a week HR personally mailed me to fill a 4-page ...
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How should I cover my back when my company is unorganized? Specifically with updated contracts/documentation for raises and bonises

TL;DR I have had raises but no updated contract/official documentation, only communications via Slack. A little background: I have been working at this company for around 9 months now and in that ...
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What are the recommended paper size requirements for printing professional documents (Plain A4/Letterhead/Bond Paper)?

Recently I came across one of my friend's experiences while he was under his notice period with the HR manager of the company. I need an HR professional's advice or people with good knowledge on the ...
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Do any companies have comprehensive internal documentation that is public? [closed]

By comprehensive internal documentation, I mean pages / documents that explain how team members do their jobs, and one place that connects all these pages. The purpose of these are to train new team ...
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2 answers

HR rep may have asked me to falsify date on I-9

I started a new job several months ago. The company did not give me the I-9 to complete until my third day of employment. One section of the document is supposed to be filled out on or before the ...
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How can I send home personal information from work? [closed]

What is the best method of transferring documents from my work laptop to my home laptop? I frequently want to bring home documents from work. These are generally either: Paystubs Only available ...
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Is a scanned copy of a passport necessary for an offer in the UAE? [closed]

Recently my friend got an offer in UAE, for release an offer letter consultancy is asking passport copy. Is it necessary to send scan'd copy of a passport for getting offer letter. And how to accept/...
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Is forging internal documents at work a crime? [closed]

I currently work in a semi truck repair facility. Where we regularly do services and federal inspections on trucks for the Department of transportation. We have an internal computer program that logs ...
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Any reasons to not go paperless at work? [closed]

I'm considering going paperless at work. Just keep notes electronically, using a tablet. Anyone else done this? Any reason to keep a notebook, file cabinet for projects this day and age? Engineering ...
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2 votes
5 answers

What are the potential repercussions of taking company files to a new job? [closed]

I have access to amazing engineering designs and calculation spreadsheets for every imaginable civil engineering project. Is it okay to take copies for use at my new job, to facilitate future project ...
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3 answers

My new employer requested a copy of my passport. Why do they need it?

I started working at a new company, where they asked me to bring a copy of my passport for them to keep. I have worked for many other big companies but they never ask for such document. I should ...
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Is it good practice to sign not very important documents in a shared environment?

I learned about signing documents, so that we can assure integrity and the author attribution. In my company, we already use SharePoint which assigns documents to their creators, and also track last ...
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Boss wants me to falsify a report. How should I document this unethical demand?

I work in IT, and my manager is trying to get my coworker and me to submit a falsified security scan to a client of ours. Basically, he wants us to submit a security scan modified to exclude ...
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19 votes
10 answers

How to convince boss to spend notice period on documentation instead of new projects

Recently I've signed with a new employer and am currently serving the notice period at my old employer. There's a rather long notice period where I live, given my parameters (13 weeks, Belgium). ...
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Will my work experience from a company will be considered without an explicit experience letter?

I worked at a company for 1.5 years, I followed each term and condition as I was fresher that time and I hadn't more knowledge about How IT sector works regarding documentation. I had given a proper ...
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How to document sources of stress in the workplace? [closed]

I have a new boss who is causing much stress, not just to me, but to everyone in the workplace. I can see it in everyone's face every day. The boss stays in the office and does not talk to us much. He ...
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Is it unprofessional to say my non-technical manager that I'm documenting instead of writing tests, refactoring, etc?

I work in a small company with 4 other developers. Essentially all projects are solo projects. Our manager has a strong sales background, but can write "hello worlds". He knows words like server, ...
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What is the best way to do knowledge transfer? [duplicate]

I have just joined the team around three months and the lead developer is resigning. I just have two months worth of time on learning the devops, the workflow and the internal code of the application. ...
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How to respond to plagiarism that attempts to discredit my department?

Several months ago, I sent a document to two people in another department within the same organisation (via email), asking for their thoughts / feedback on its contents. I did this because it was ...
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How do I write technical handover documentation before leaving a company?

I am serving notice period in my organization, and a project manager has asked me to write down a document on what I have done. I have briefly mentioned the points on which I have worked, but I have ...
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What is the process of updating your home address for your workplace? [closed]

I plan on moving in the next few months to a different state but I will still be employed in the same company. I know this might vary with company, but in general what is the process involved in ...
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Former manager who left company is asking for documentation I prepared as his direct report

I've been at my place of work 5 years now, and my first manager there left around 2 years ago. (It was not on great terms.) We did not speak until a few weeks ago when he asked to get lunch. We did, ...
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Is it normal for Configuration Management process documentation to be constantly changing? [closed]

I have noticed a re-occurring pattern when working the processes of my software configuration management group which manages many different software baselines; however, I imagine this problem is not ...
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What is the "List of Pre-Employment Inventions by Employee"? [closed]

Today I've got a offer from the company at H.K. then they give some document such as "List of Pre-Employment Inventions by Employee" But I've never seen before that kinds of documents. What is that ...
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How to work with a coworker whose initial reaction is to ask me? [duplicate]

I'm a developer. One of my coworkers asks me a question the moment anything goes wrong, or he doesn't understand something, in either our code or even third party code we use. He's a nice enough guy, ...
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3 answers

How to document a bad project without shaming anybody?

I've taken part in a catastrophic freelancing project full of bad decisions. I left it. As part of the handover, I have to "document my work", which essentially means I have to document the whole ...
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How to Document Grievances?

A lot of the questions asked here deal about issues between the author and their coworkers, their boss, their clients, so on and so forth. Almost every answer have something in common: document it! ...
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Examples of collaboratively produced organizational culture documents [closed]

I'm looking to facilitate a collaboratively produced team manual of sorts. It would have things like a vision/mission statement, shared principles, rules of thumb, etc. I'm interested in the best ...
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How do I prepare a technical report containing nothing but mathematics for someone who has no higher education?

I am currently working for a man who is very smart, but to the best of my knowledge has taken no college courses. I would like to prepare a report for him detailing original but very simple (freshman-...
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2 answers

Poor documentation culture [duplicate]

I work in a production company as a design engineer. There is a culture in my company of not documenting things, there are few standards, barely any routines and no documentation system. There is a ...
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How to inform the employer about delays in obtaining the necessary documentation [closed]

I have to write a formal mail to my employer and I need to advise my employer that there were some delays with the documents requested. I would like to inform him that I am trying to get the ...
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What do you say on bullying documentation if you don't know the exact date of the incident? [closed]

If you are writing a bullying report for HR but you only have a vague idea of when the incident happened e.g. Early in March what do you say? Do you say that you don't know when? Or explain why you ...
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Does a 'written resignation letter' need to be 'handwritten' or simply 'typed & printed with signature'? [closed]

My employment contract states that my resignation needs to submitted in a 'written communication'. I'm not sure if it means a hand written letter or if it is just a way of saying I need to submit a ...
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How to document ongoing harassment in a professional way? [closed]

While writing detailed documentation about harassment I'm experiencing, what's the best way to keep it professional without losing its emphasis? For example, my manager called me on Skype and said "I ...
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Document to convince boss to buy hardware over other hardware [duplicate]

I am looking for advice/guidance (on specific points) on generating/creating a document for convincing my boss to invest in some hardware to make my job easier and more-productive. Background The ...
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How can I incentivize colleagues to create content on a new company Wiki? [duplicate]

The company I work for has a bunch of information laying around; in a dropbox, on a shared network drive, basically there are documents everywhere. To make information more accessable, myself and some ...
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How to talk about a coworker work in a report

The context I'm a software developer in my company and I have to write a report about a task I've done this past year. I'm doing this for the sake of maintenance and transparency in the work. In a ...
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4 answers

How to select an applicant with good documentation skills

We are a local outsourcing company and currently hiring for a technical position (Linux/Network engineer) - however our main objective now is to find someone not only able in the Linux/Networking ...
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