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Questions about professional etiquette when communicating via email.

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Shall I consider a text response to an email as official one for leave request?

I sent my boss an email regarding personal issues I was having inside and outside of work, and I stated I wanted to use personal time off I had accumulated. Within the email, I also stated I would ...
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How to deal with colleague enrolling my email to mailing lists instead of his own

Background My company uses long and short emails, where the short emails are (most often) <initials>@<domain> and the long emails are <first name>(.<middle name>).<surname&...
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Responding to congrats emails from potential colleagues when I'm about to decline the job offer

I received job offers from two different companies. When I got the offer from the 2nd place (a startup), I got emails from most of my interviewers (potential coworkers/colleagues) and from the Tech VP ...
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Ghosted after being promised a third interview

I had two phone calls: one with a recruiter from a recruiting firm and another with a senior employee from the company hiring. Both calls went extremely well and I was promised a third call/interview ...
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How much email interaction is proper

I am remote from the rest of my department and other departments I frequently interact with. But even when I was just down the hall, I had this question: How much back-and-forth with email is expected ...
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Should I respond a congratulation email when I am cc'ed?

My prospect supervisor has sent an email in order to introduce me to their lab members and asked them to make me feel welcome. Should I respond to it since I am cc'ed on this email? If so, is it ...
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My job is has changed my schedule and is having me train in a different department that I do not feel comfortable in, how do I say no?

I work in healthcare and I had my schedule finalized, and my supervisors changed it for training in an area I do not feel comfortable in. This training is not required, how do I turn this down? I ...
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How to communicate a problem with a speaker Info. form that got disabled after I sent it to the speakers via email professionally?

I am organizing a virtual conference, and I sent the speakers a form done on jotform to collect their info for the talk. Unfortuantely, the form got disabled by the company by a mistske and I ...
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Name from unfamiliar cultural background (India) - get from email

My name is abc-xyz klm, but i go by 'xyz' in the workplace. My email is [email protected]. I work in an environment where multiple companies collaborate, and usually we refer to each other by ...
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Break the reply-all chain in mistaken mass email [duplicate]

From time-to-time I see emails which are sent to the entire company (1000's of employees) by accident, normally items related to I.T, server updates, etc. Most people will ignore these and get on with ...
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Is it okay to fix the spelling in the subject of an email I am responding to?

Every once in a while, I will get an email from a customer that includes a misspelt version of the name of my employer in the subject. Sometimes, the misspellings are very creative. These emails ...
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I announced my resignation . . . and was completely ignored. What to do?

Background I work as a software engineer (direct hire) for a small B2B SAAS company. Like most of the folks at the company, I work remotely and primarily communicate via Slack, Jira comments, and ...
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Should I follow up 1 week after an application after getting invitations to interviews elsewhere?

I applied to several open positions online and so far have received invitations to two different job interviews (company A and B, both ~50 employees). While I'd work for them (currently about to ...
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How to apologize for sending wrong phone number?

I have embarked on a woodworking project and wanted to send my supervisor my contact details by email. I didn't hear back from her for a couple days upon which I inquired about the next steps again ...
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Is it appropriate to voice concerns over the Qatar world cup when colleague asks people to join betting pool?

A couple of days ago, a colleague sent an email to the whole staff asking if anyone would be interested in joining their (very low key) betting pool for the World Cup (Football/Soccer) that is taking ...
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How to convince workplace I'm innocent [closed]

I'm in a bit of a predicament. Last week, an e-mail went out to boss and a few others from my e-mail address. It contained a number of rude remarks and strange insults. Of course, I did NOT send ...
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Should I follow up with my application email?

I am a master's student applying for a job that, on its description, doesn't require experience. I have sent an email to their "[email protected]" mailbox with my 2-page resume (here is the ...
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Emailing coworker during bereavement time

One of my coworkers, coworker A, recently lost a family member and is on leave. The details of the leave were not discussed with us. We were only informed of the death. I reached out to my coworker ...
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How to tell someone to Reply All in an email

My boss recently asked me to cc them and my other colleague in all emails that I send to our patrons. I've been receiving responses that are send to me only. Is it okay if next time i add "...
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How long to wait to send follow up email(s) for business communications?

I've found that emails that I write with a written suspense on them aren't answered any sooner than ones without a written suspense. Over time, I've tried to figure out how long to wait between ...
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How can I reply to a guy that came up with a rule out of his head for declining or deleting Prs

I created a PR on a specifict repository. A reviewer reviewed it but said that it was wrong. he left a big comment. I replied to his comment and then I deleted it. How can I reply gently and politely ...
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Certification Exam Leaked to Me

I'm in a bit of an ethical quandary. I'm attempting to study for a professional certification exam that my employer is paying for, and I asked a coworker who happens to be part of the board ...
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"thank you" in an e-mail with additional doc

HR asked me to send an additional doc before the second meeting with a technical team. Should I write something like: "I am looking forward to my next interview" Would you suggest adding ...
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How should I tell my colleagues that my last name comes first?

As someone from a culture in which the first name comes last and the last name comes first, it was always difficult for me to figure out how to correctly specify my name in an email. For example, say ...
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How do you handle "Fill in and sign this PDF"? [closed]

When you get an email from your employer, say HR, saying "Fill in and sign this form and return to me" how do you deal with it? I have worked at my current employer long enough that I do not ...
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How should I handle a follow up interview request that has not been scheduled yet

I had an interview for a graphic designer position that went very well. Three business days later, I received an email from the president of the company. They requested a follow up interview and ...
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What's wrong with this e-mail?

I'm going to send an e-mail similar to this to a stranger and am trying to increase the probability that the person on the other side will reply positively (or, ideally, send the floor plan ...
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I made a mistake last week and am trying to not get fired. I need help

Context: I made a mistake last week and sent the wrong data (including other manufacturers' data) to them due to a copy & paste error in Excel. Yes, the sensitive data shouldn't be sent using a ...
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Coworker using the wrong title on resume

My coworker has a Junior software developer title given by our company yet I saw him wrote that he is a junior software engineer on his resume. All he does on the job is to write code and create ...
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Using [email protected] for professional communication

What image/impression does it convey if I use the admin email alias on my own domain? It is not a personal website but a product site and I run the server but I am also the founder of the company so I ...
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Email/letter valediction: "Take gentle care" --- inappropriate?

There are many valedictions one can use to close a letter/email. For example: "Regards", "Best regards", "Kind regards", and so on. Most of these my eyes just gloss over, ...
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How to properly express my preference for other openings, besides the one I'm currently considered for?

I recently submitted an application to a company for a particular opening (software developer). I was promptly contacted by a recruiter at that company who is overseeing several openings. He set me ...
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Colleagues routinely only answer the first of my questions?

You send an e-mail with three questions to a colleague. They reply but only answer the first question. The questions are strongly related so you don't want to send three separate e-mails. However you ...
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How can I get more feedback to improve my written comms?

In my newish job, it is clear to me and others that I am struggling with written communications (emails, instant messages, issue tracking tickets etc.). Issues include: excessive length and detail, ...
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Ask again for a document in email

I want to write an email to a person that I already contacted to remind him about an application deadline, and that I need a document from him that I already requested but still got no response and ...
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Can my email recipient see all previous emails in the thread if they were not initially included, or do they just see what they're included in?

Background: My recruiter forwarded me his email thread with a prospective employer. Question: Can everyone that was a part of this thread from the onset be able to see my correspondence with the ...
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Coworkers insist on using asynchronous communication synchronously

I work 100% remotely, as does the rest of my company. We use Microsoft Teams and email for everything. Some of my coworkers communicate with me by sending a single "Hi Iannaa" email or Teams ...
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What can I say as a response to a rescheduled meeting by client?

I requested a client to reschedule a meeting which we had arranged previously via email, I apologized for the inconvenience as well and they sent me below reply email: No inconvenience at all. We ...
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How do I tactfully ask a former supervisor to approve the reference letter I drafted as-is?

I am currently in the middle of my immigration application, and I need employment reference letters from all my previous employers. I worked at a job for 20 months. It's been 5 years since I left. I ...
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Leaving company, should I write personalized farewell emails?

I am currently in the processes of leaving my first company and have been debating on whether or not to write personalized emails to the people that I found really helpful, such as mentors and just ...
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Replying to a group thread of welcoming me on my 1st day at new remote job

My supervisor started the e-mail thread of welcoming me to the team/department. Several team members has already replied (including the boss of my supervisor so I'm extra nervous) with a brief but ...
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Take me off the endless email threads

I recently asked to be taken off an email thread that was producing about 20 back-and-forths a day and had nothing to do with me. My boss caught wind of this and scolded me. He said he wanted me up-...
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How can I deal with a colleague who edits previous email details to paint colleagues in a negative light?

I work in the United Kingdom as a manager for a company which is based out of the United States. This company has a number of very small overseas offices around the world. All overseas office ...
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Reply to an email to the person whose name is in parentheses

I got an email for a interviewing and the first person CC'ed someone like this; "I have copied in FirstName LastName (NameHere) who is the Hiring Manager" My question is how can respond my ...
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How can I get my organization to stop using email for everything [closed]

My organization uses email among a few departments to handle several processes, including user support and HR actions. This causes lots of messages and replies to go to many people who may not be ...
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How can I make this sound better?

...The above are just some examples of many such occurrences - which are frequent - wherein I am put in situations where I have to pick up slack, I am stretched thin, clients don't get adequate care ...
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Am I writing this email correctly?

So he said two software developers will be interviewing me and he asked me for "a couple times that may work for you this week or next week" for a second interview, but I am stuck on my ...
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As an intern, how should I discuss about a matter with many supervisors?

I am a newly joined intern at a company. Recently, I was tasked by my supervisor to discuss a matter with supervisors A,B, C and D from another department and get their opinions about it. I have not ...
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Boss not responding to my email about promotion

Last year during my amazing performance review, my boss said he submitted my name to be promoted to a higher officer position but he stated that he missed the cutoff so I’d have to wait until the next ...
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Can I ask to "audit"/"shadow" a position, if I'm not selected?

I just had an interview. I'm about to send a follow-up email. In that email I'm considering asking if "shadowing" the position is possible, that is the following: I won't be recognized as ...
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